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Thread: Strictly Chord Melody

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    Strictly Chord Melody

    Yay! My own strictly thread !!

    The aim of the game here is to write a head/chorus/what ever for the given backing, using chord melodys.What are these?

    Chord melody is when you incorporate chords into the melody

    See Peter Simms articles on Chord Melody Construction for more info

    There are many ways of going about playing a chord melody. One can strike a chord and tap out the lead with their picking hand. Maybe play the whole phrase in chord form, using your leading notes to spell out the melody. Or just play the chord then a few notes then a chord and a few more.

    Knowing the chord's in several positions and their substitutes will be handy. Knowing arpeggios up and down the fretboard is helpfull aswell.

    Have a listen to my example and you will see what its all about.
    We are playing in 3/4. and the progression goes.

    FM7 | Dm7 | Gm7 | A+7 |
    Dm7 | BbM7 | EbM7 | A+7 |

    i will attach a tab of my chord melodized section aswell.

    Ps, Something that helped me whilst writing this little tune was to just play a simple one line melody over the backing. Then try find appropriate voicings of each chord so i could play them together.

    Have Fun
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