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Thread: Finger position

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    Future Musician Music's Avatar
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    Oct 2005
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    Question Finger position

    Hey fellas!
    Long time, no see

    Anyway, I have a question.

    Does it matter if I don't use the central part of my fingers to play, because I just noticed my callouses are developing on the in the right end of my fingers.

    *under construction*

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    Registered User Joe Pass Jr's Avatar
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    Jan 2006
    Kaki Kings Shorts
    If your talking about your (fretting) hand, you might want to try keeping your fingers at as much of a right angle to the fret board as you can manage. Its not crucial, but it helps. same goes if your talking about finger picking.

    Idealy you want that calice to be evenly spread.
    Its not the techniques you use, but the music you make.

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    I am not very nice DemonSorcerer's Avatar
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    Nov 2003
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    Yep, try fretting with the center of your fingertip as the fellow said...


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