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Thread: Steve Vai Explosion Sound

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    Steve Vai Explosion Sound

    I've been wondering exactly what technique steve vai uses (and perhaps other artists) to make that super percussiony sound on some of his guitar riffs. Very prominent in juice 2:58 , Rescue me or Bury me 5:24, 5:29. Or maybe im wrong and this is just an effect. Also how does he do that super scream. Rescue me or bury me 5:45

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    I hope I am referring to the same things, as I am listening to the MP3 of Rescue Me... on my HD ( I ripped a few CDs that I own to the HD for backup purposes )
    The "explosion sound" at approximately 5:24 is simply a muted rake... he mutes the strings with his left hand and hits them, creating a short, percussive sound. In combination with the guitar sound he uses there, it sounds rather big and "boomy". Just use a distored sound, mute the low strings with your left hand and hit them with the pick fast and rather agressively.

    The scream at about 5:45 is a note on one of the bass strings. He frets the note, plays it as a pinch harmonic ( or artificial harmonic ) bends it to get that "screaming sound", and finishes it by pressing down the bar quickly, resulting in a very fast, short divebomb
    Hope this helps

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