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  1. 2-5-1 jazz chords exercise (lofi style) + tab/notation

    Thought I'd share this with you guys! Hope everyone's OK.

    Lofi jazzhop uses a lot of 2-5-1 progressions huh!

  2. Maurice Ravel arpeggio exercise + TAB

    Made French maestro Maurice Ravel into a warm-up exercise..... 🎹 🎸


    Free tab/notation → https://bit.ly/33JOwat
  3. Jazzhop style guitar licks (2-5-1-6) + TAB

    Thought I'd share this Jazzhop piece - basically a selection of 2-5-1-6 chord licks for you to practice and get that jazzhop / chillhop sound happening !

  4. How to play dorian mode in 3rds + TAB

    Thought I'd share this dorian mode exercise!!


    Free tab → http://bit.ly/2QrtKah
  5. Slow jam in C major (fun play-along for beginners)

    Thought I'd share this slow jam track in C major - it's fun for beginners and advanced improvisers alike :)


  6. Funky Jazz genius Eddie Harris' licks as a warm-up (+ notation)

    Made the first part of Freedom Jazz Dance from jazz genius Eddie Harris into a funky jazz guitar warm-up exercise :)


    Free TAB/notation →...
  7. Replies

    Steve Morse arpeggio exercise + TAB

    Thought I'd share this Steve Morse style arpeggio exercise I've been having fun with!


    There's free tab (+ full how-to lesson)
  8. Fun loop play-along for Miles Davis classic All Blues

    Thought I'd share this simple and fun guitar loop backing track for All Blues I've been practising with!


  9. Easy Dominant 7 arpeggio exercise + tab/notation

    Thought I'd share this easy dominant 7 arpeggio exercise!


    Has free tab + standard notation.

    Happy practising!
  10. Fun dorian mode jazz funk play-along!

    Been having fun with this Jazz Funk backing track - so thought I'd share on here!

  11. I love this MOZART sequence lick (exercise + tab)

    Thought I'd share this MOZART inspired guitar warm-up exercise!


    Free tab in the video description.
  12. The FIRST Scale Sequence All Beginners Should Learn (+TAB)


    Thought I would share this exercise - it's an essential one when it comes to scale sequences 🔥

    Any player of any instrument and level - including...
  13. Stacked 4ths sequence on dorian mode = killer jazz lick

    Thought I'd share this McCoy Tyner inspired killer jazz lick - stacked 4ths on dorian mode :)


    Free tab/notation in the video description.
  14. Bebop licks rule as a warm-up exercise!

    Thought I'd share this guitar warm-up exercise based on bebop jazz licks !!


    Free tab/notation → http://bit.ly/383hNO4

  15. Soulful Blues practice - minor + harmonic minor scale!

    Thought's I'd share this slow Blues in G minor.... so much fun to get it ALL out on this jam track!!

    Use G natural minor scale and G harmonic minor on the dominant chord (D7)

  16. 1-6-2-5 practice jam track - learn an essential "building block" of jazz

    Fun 1-6-2-5 jazz play-along!


    Happy jamming!
  17. Jingle Bells chord melody style arrangement (+ sheet music)

    Thought I'd share this JINGLE BELLS jazz guitar chord melody style reharm !


    Free tab/sheet music → http://bit.ly/2SrrQbh

  18. Using a maj7(#5) chord as dominant (V) works surprisingly well...but why?

    Made a jazz (chillhop) arrangement of a Christmas oldie...discovered that using a maj7(+) chord as the functioning dominant works surprisingly well!

    I suppose it's a tension release scenario.......
  19. 1 hour slow Blues play-along - next level technique practice time!!

    Thought I would share this EPIC 1 hour slow Blues play-along, which goes through all the keys - perfect for some next level guitar practice!!

    Plenty of time to try literally every guitar technique...
  20. Replies

    Trip Hop style Blues jam track

    Thought I'd share this Trip Hop style backing track here!


    Slide guitar intro :)
  21. Fun melodic Jobim style Bossa Nova Blues play-along!

    Hi guys,

    thought I'd share this Bossa Nova style Blues practice jam track - inspired by Brazilian master of melody Antonio Carlos Jobim!

  22. Using the 6th intervals of the MINECRAFT theme as a warm-up

    Minecraft... guitar... big stretches... 6th intervals...


    Free tab/notation linked under video
  23. Bossa nova style blues jam in E minor - fun improvisation practice!

    Thought I'd share this Bossa Nova style Blues backing track in E minor :)

    Really good fun to improvise on !


    There's tab for...
  24. :))))

  25. Killer guitar warm-up exercise - minor 2-5-1 licks (+ tab)

    Thought I'd share this jazz guitar warm-up exercise - it's built on classic minor 2-5-1 bebop licks 🔥🔥


    Free tab and notation :)
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