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    wow thanks guys it makes SO much more sense now....

    wow thanks guys it makes SO much more sense now.

    i havent searched sec. dom. yet, but there's one thing about the chromatic third method that i have to clear up.

    if u go from G to Bb, would the...
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    "out of key" stuff?

    hi all, i'm sure alot of u have seen this in songs and basically everywhere. like when your playing in the key of Gmaj you sometimes see a Bmaj and Fmaj, what is the explanation for this? i see...
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    hello from malawi

    hi all

    my name is jaco and i've been playing guiar for 6 years since i was 9 years old, but i've learned more theory-wise in the last 3 months than in the last 2 years thanks to sites like these. ...
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