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  1. Tips and common mistakes for composition and modulation?

    a.k.a. Question 3 in the Grade 6 ABRSM paper.

    I'm almost clueless about this part.

    Basically, I get the outline of the exercise - phrasing appropriately, modulating to the right key, but there...
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    Grade 8 in the ABRSM (the British musical...

    Grade 8 in the ABRSM (the British musical examining board, 8 is their final grade) not academical sense

    And I'm 16, started music at 6
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    What chord is this?

    Sorry if I sound dumb on this one, but how do you make a chord out of B, F and G?

    Feel free to write down the procedure on how this is found out.

    Thanks for your help!

    And sorry for that...
  4. Thread: Um hi...?

    by ren

    Um hi...?

    New user here from Singapore, currently at Grade 8, under ABRSM.

    Mainly I would come to this site for theory help, but since I have a gap year after Grade 8 ends (because of the national...
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