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Who is Dorian Rossini? Their Albums

  1. Dolphin4u
    Dorian Rossini appeared in the cast of Angels (and only the cast), the reality show, this young man born in 1990 and of Italian origin, having spent his childhood in Cannes wished to go to Paris to satisfy his ambition: To be a star and be loved by delirious fans. In 2010, he created a blog that reached 3 million views and is particularly active on social networks. He is a producer and DJ.
    By the way, he got Famous by this Words: How to Make Selfies With Dorian Rossini?

    In his spare time, he takes himself for the reincarnation of God (so much to do). It is besides having made this affirmation in a show that the phenomenon Dorian Rossina was born Ö and that it had ended his friendship with MickaŽl Vendetta. After putting on Youtube a clip where he confirmed to be God and be perfect. Fabnewz
  2. writeyourpost
    In iTunes, Dorian Rossiniís tune is an electronic artwork and some of his produced tunes are jingle bells, Je suis dieu, Fusion, Nova, Give me. On Dorian Rossiniís Twitter and Facebook, there have more than 60K many followers as well as likes. According to online exposure, his gross worth is around $500,000 Ė $1,000,000. He started a murmur at his stint in the 5th season of Ďangels of factí in 2012. But, from those 12 months, Dorian did not settle there. Writeyourpost
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