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iBreatheMusic Forums FAQ

Here you can find answers to questions about how the board works. Use the links or search box below to find your way around.

Forum Rules

The Mission
iBreatheMusic.com exists for established and aspiring musicians who want honest, quality instruction and a casual point of contact where they can interact and develop their skills with like minded people.

In order to accomplish this mission, and to distinguish iBreatheMusic as an international learning community that is informal, fun, accessible and second to none in terms of quality of content- we have come up with the following guidelines and rules:

Please try your best to:
  • Conduct yourself professionally - as you would at work or in school.
  • Treat fellow members with common courtesy and respect.
  • Provide advice commensurate with your experience and/or education, and make some reasonable effort to distinguish between what you know as fact and what you hold as opinion.
  • Give credit where credit is due for materials, information or quotes.

The Rules
If you are in doubt about anything, please contact one of the site moderators or admin staff. We are here to assist in any way we can to ensure the smooth running of the forums.


Don't bother. We like non-music-related spam even less. Your post will be reported and removed within a few minutes and your membership promptly terminated.

"Advertising" includes posts that are clearly motivated by the promotion of a band, products or services of any medium (your new cd, radio show, studio etc) - irrespective of motive ie. commercial/non-profit/charity/self glorification etc. Posts made by fans or "Street Teams" to promote a band are also not allowed.

We also don't allow any links to sites that contain reseller ids.

We are open to finding appropriate ways to present a good cause or things that would be of genuine value to the community. If in doubt, consult a moderator.


Think of iBreatheMusic as a cafeteria (or bar) at a music college - a place where people from all over the world come to meet, ask questions and discuss music-related stuff. We enjoy spirited debate, constructive argument and passionate dialog BUT there is a limit. Please respect other people and their opinions even if they differ completely from your own.

We do not tolerate personal attacks, discrimination on any level, invasions of privacy, abusive or profane language or obvious attempts to provoke such behavior. If you break this rule you will be suspended or banned.

Please remember, the best way to avoid a flame war is personal restraint. Please don't fuel arguements that are getting out of hand. If you feel the need to thrash it out, please rather do it using the private messaging system or in your own private capacity - preferably off ibreathemusic systems.


If you post TABs or soundfiles, give credit to the people who created them. If say, you´re caught posting someone else´s MP3s, claiming that it was you who recorded them, you´ll be banned permanently. The same goes for TABs etc.

There are a lot of people who take part in the ibreathe-forums, and collectively they get around the web a lot, so you can be pretty sure that eventually, someone will figure you out if you cheat like that.


This includes audio files ( example: say, full song MP3s of the new Iron Maiden-album ), TABs ( i.e. booklets to some REH instructional video etc. ), scans of books, bootleg recordings/videos or links to online auctions of material that falls under this category.


If you urgently need something, like the answer to a question before an exam - say so in your thread but do not post your thread more than once. Multiple posts clog up the forums and are confusing, not to mention irritate the very people you're trying to communicate with.

Also, please pay attention as to where you post your message. The moderators are authorized to move threads to the correct place, but if you constantly post at the wrong forum, you´ll eventually get a warning.

6. ATTACHING FILES TO YOUR POSTS (eg. images / sound files etc)

The forums allow you to include files with your post, but please only use this feature when it is necessary to support the content of your post (eg. tabs for a lick, mp3's of your playing etc) and not pics of yourself, your car, your dog, pornographic imagery or anything equally out of place. This includes copyrighted material without permission of copyright holder - see #4..

( at least not in the forum )

The moderators are here to assist the members of the forum. It's their job to enforce the rules of the forum. If they ban a member, edit or delete a post or lock a thread - it will be for good reason.

Do not dispute a moderators decision or argue with them in forums. If such action is taken against you, you will be personally notified with an explanation unless it's something obvious (like spamming). If you feel a decision was made in error, please email Clive at the following address: clive (at) ibreathemusic.com.

The administrators of iBreatheMusic.com reserve the right to suspend, ban or delete user accounts at their discretion, without prior warning.



iBreatheMusic.com allows you to display a custom signature below every post you make, but we do insist that you adhere to the following rules in order to keep the forums pleasant to browse:

1. Please keep your signature limited to 4 lines or 100 characters.

2. You can include a link to your site or a product page, but the signature as a whole must not come across as a bold sales pitch/advertisment nor overshaddow the content of your post. This is left solely up to the discretion of the iBreatheMusic moderators.

3. Your signature must not contain any links that lead directly to a download nor links with affiliate or reseller IDs.

4. Signature must not contain images or Code, Quote, PHP, HTML, Edit, Off Topic nor Spoiler tags.

5. The maximum font size permitted is size 3.

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