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  • A conversation with the King Of Heart

    Ok, here is my second interview in a series of conversations with guitar-players from Germany ( if you do not count in "Shred Talk!", which is a bit older by now... stay tuned, surprise coming up soon ! ). I hope you did enjoy the conversation with Thomas Blug.
    This time, I have the honor to present you an interview with Abi von Reininghaus.

    This interview was done in early 2006. Unfortunately, due to changes at ibreathe, a lot of time passed before it was eventually published. I thought it would still be a very interesting read, hence I published it, and for current information on Abi, you can visit his website, his blog or his portal (leading to his websites)
    I hope you'll enjoy this interview...

    All throughout the 90s, while I was growing up and developing my playing, I read his "In Vivo Guitar" columns in a german guitar mag, every single month. Those columns were not only extremely entertaining, but also extremely educational. At first, there was a focus on technical stuff, but later on, it moved to other topics interesting to every musician...philosophy, gear and the vintage-market, and, "TONE"

    When I heard his "King Of Heart" album in 1997, I was very much impressed by it. Not only did it have some very well-written songs ( and no "showcases for the sake of showing off" ), it did have a chock full of great guitar-sounds and tone ( if you´re unsure about why I am separating those two terms, check my "The Quest For Tone" article ).

    I eventually started writing to him, and we soon developed a friendship. Nowadays, we are good friends, and I do consider him a mentor and an influence. A lot of the things I teach ( and employ in my own music ) I did learn from him. So it was an extra pleasure to do this interview with him.

    I hope you will enjoy it...


    Abi was born in 1959. After playing the acoustic guitar for a few years, he picked up the electric guitar at age 18. In his early 20s ( around 1982 or 1983 ) he attended the Guitar Institute Of Technology in North Hollywood / USA.

    After his return to Germany, he started working as an instructor, and also was conducting workshops, presenting gear for several different companies. On top of that, he was working as a session-musician.

    In 1991, he started to write a monthly column ( "In Vivo Guitar" ) for a german guitar magazine. He continued to do so until 2001. In the mid-90s, a book with the same title was released, and continues to sell quite well.

    In 1997, he released his first solo-album, an all-instrumental release called "King Of Heart".

    Nowadays, Abi is playing live as a solo-artist, is a member of the german formation "Jazzmachine" (they released their most recent album, "Moongroove" , in 2007) and has his own music school, the A Team Music Academy, in Munich. Just recently, he started writing columns again for the german magazine "GUITAR"

    External links:
    His official website - Go here for more info on Abi, clips from the "King Of Heart" album and much more
    A Team Music Academy - The website of his school
    GUITAR magazine Germany

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