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  • The Workout, Part 3

    In this final episode of the Workout-trilogy, I am gonna show you a bunch of execises you could include into your own personal workout. And I'll show you 5 etudes I came up with while I was practicing...

    Welcome to the final part of my "Guitar Practicing Workout".

    This time, I would like to talk less and let ya rather work on some exercises. I'll show you a few exercises which might not seem like rocket-science to you, but they might cause you to focus on aspects of playing you haven't worked on before... I picked a few basic techniques and randomly included some of the exercises I used to do to work on those techniques.

    Some of them might look familiar and some of them you might have never thought of before. We'll see.

    Furthermore, I am gonna show you 5 etudes I made up through the years. I always thought that, even though it's great to focus on some basic exercises, it's easy to get distracted when you do just those. So a good way of focused, challenging practicing is to make up little etudes that feature certain techniques you're currently working on.

    I have made up a bunch of these throughout the years, and I picked out 5 of my favourite ones.

    This is in no way some kind of "Every exercise you'll ever need" kinda article. I am just trying to show you some exercises you might have never tried before (example: practicing scale patterns... sure, you can play those patterns ascending and descending, but how about sequences or certain diatonic intervals?!? More on that later…)

    So, let's just jump right in. The first few examples are pretty logical, and I am sure most of you have seen those exercises before. Let me try to gather a few of them here, ok? (If you have read Vai's 10 hour workout, you will definitely recognise some of these)

    Everyone knows the good ol' symmetrical 1-2-3-4 pattern. Good basic stuff to work on alternate picking and synchronisation of both hands. Now, give your brain and fingers something to chew on... let's twist that 1-2-3-4 thing around a bit, k?

    Here ya go, our starting point, ascending and descending. I only tabbed out the runs on the first few strings. I guess it won't be too tough to figure out the rest...

    Now, let's change the pattern… 1-3-2-4 ascending and descending...

    ...and another variation:

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