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  • White Christmas

    Guitar chord solos are technically challenging. They're a great way to practice chords and involve a lot of arranging techniques. This version of White Christmas will hopefully give you an insight, and perhaps a song to strum this christmas.

    Well it's Christmas time again and we're being bombarded with Christmas songs and carols. Yes, I gotta say that I can't help but feeling a little jealous if I think how much money Georgy makes just on the performance rights of 'Last Christmas' (but this is a different story).

    Anyway, Christmas is also the time when families meet in a (hopefully) relaxed and friendly way. I dunno about you but it's happened to me so many times that I'm asked to play something ... 'Oh please, play something for us ... etc ... a Christmas song ...'. When I started out I thought 'Aaaah, I'm learning guitar to improvise for the greater benefit of my artistic soul - you don't understand!'... So I ended up saying 'Sorry, can't do ...'.

    Later on I realised that I was wrong and that it is quite important to have some kind of solo repertoire, be it an improvised Blues, a chord melody solo, or just a simple song (where I really do know the lyrics!!!).

    General thoughts about Chord Solos

    My first real introduction to chord solos was when I began my studies at Berklee. I was really intrigued by the possibilities of this technique and all the different aspects involved in the style ...

    - Chord solos are technically challenging. It's a great way to practice chords and different voicings in a practical and musical way. Furthermore, it helps improve synchronisation of left and right hands.

    - Chord solos involve a lot of arranging techniques. As I got further into my studies at Berklee, the more I got interested in arranging. Although the studies were mainly intended for Big Bands and the like, writing chord solos for guitar follow the same rules. Needless to say, writing stuff down on paper is a lot of fun ...

    - You don't need anybody else. This is probably what got me hooked the most. It's all in your hands. I don't need to deal with any other musician, which can sometimes be a challenge on it's own.

    - and last but not least: Repertoire.

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