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  • Solfege - Part 3

    In Part 3 of our solfege series we will focus on the chromatic scale, ie learning all missing syllables. Based on this we can extend our solfege exercises to cover scales other than major.


    First off let's quickly review what we've been dealing with so far in the first 2 parts of this series.

    In Introduction to Solfege we discussed what Solfege is and why we use it. We proceeded to learn the syllables for the major scale and performed quite a few exercises. Again, I'd like to point out the importance of Tendency Tones and their resolutions (Don't go any further if you can't sing/feel these in your sleep!)

    In part 2 we did quite a few exercises with triads, triadic progressions and the cycle of fourths.

    In this third part we will expand our knowledge to the chromatic scale, ie we'll learn all the necessary syllables which enables us to sing any scale or interval out there.

    All right, let's just jump right in.

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