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  • Brett Garsed

    You might ask, "Who's Brett Garsed". Don't worry, that is not an unusual reaction, since Brett still is one of the best-kept secrets of todays guitar scene. But let me tell you: he is a very unique player with a great playing technique and a wonderful sense for melody.

    Since Brett is about to release his first solo-album "Big Sky" in late January 2003, I figured it would be the perfect time to tell you guys a bit more about him.

    So here it is, a big feature about the man, including a biography, a selected discography, a guitar feature with lots of exercises to explain part of Brett's style, and the best part: a thorough interview with the man, telling you more about his influences, his career, his plans and much more!!!

    So... here ya go, I hope you'll enjoy it !


    Brett Garsed was born in rural Victoria, Australia and began playing guitar at age 12. He took formal lessons and also taught himself a bit. Soon, he started to develop a pretty unique left hand-legato technique, inspired by players like Allan Holdsworth. In 1985, he was featured in Mike Varney's Spotlight-Column, and shortly after that he auditioned for the job as the guitarist for John Farnham, one of Australia's biggest starts.

    Brett can be heard on Farnham's "Whispering Jack" album, which was a worldwide success (being the best selling album in Australian history), and several other albums by John. Brett went on tour with Farnham, and stayed with the band until 1989, when he was invited to join Nelson, with them he recorded their debut, "After The Rain", which was another huge success (featuring one #1-single plus 2 other Top Ten-hits).

    While still touring and recording with Nelson, he recorded the "Centrifugal Funk" album with Frank Gambale and Shawn Lane, and in 1992 Brett recorded his first album with the "Garsed Helmerich"-project (feat. another unique player, 8 finger-master TJ Helmerich).

    While teaching at the Musicians Institute (GIT) in Hollywood, he released 3 more albums with Garsed / Helmerich (the most recent being "Uncle Moe's Space Ranch", feat. Dennis Chambers, Scott Kinsey and Gary Willis), released an instructional video for REH ("Rock Fusion") and participated in several other recording-projects, such as Derek Sherinians "Planet X", Jenna Music, Bobby Rock and others...

    In 2002, Brett went on tour as a member of John Farnham's band yet again, this time on Farnham's farewell-tour. Also, Brett recorded his first solo album, "Big Sky", which will be released in early 2003.

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