View Full Version : eric ( Picking Question / Lick )

02-22-2003, 06:43 AM


How would you play this:


pull offs? pick every note? start with an up stroke?

02-22-2003, 02:00 PM
Hey there,

there are several possible ways, depending on what sound I am looking for.

Right from my gut-feel, IŽd most likely play this using picking and legato... picking the C on the E-String with an upstroke, pulling off
to A, picking the G on the B-String with a downstroke, pulling off to E...
Note that I am using "outside picking", simply because I am also using legato, therefore I have plenty of time between pickstrokes.
Using "inside picking" would be even more efficient, but from my gut-feel, IŽd use outside-picking, since IŽm used to it.
So maybe you wanna try both inside / outside picking and see what works best.

IŽd use a "mini-bar" at the 5th fret too.
If IŽd want a more agressive sound, IŽd pick all the way... d-u-d-u.

And if I was going for show-effects, IŽd play it all legato with my right hand waving at the crowds :)
Hope this helps