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09-18-2005, 08:01 PM
Last night while feeling very...eeem.... "relaxed".... and playing my Bass ,
I discovered the phenomenen of what I think they call "Ghost notes" .
I was working on a bassline for one of my songs ,a funky thang with
a snappy chord sequence when suddenly myriads of
quadruplets and high harmonics started coming out of the bass eventhough
"the line" was based on 1/8ths, of course there was a lot of activity
in the RH but I was amazed. I had headphones on and was playin into
a GTI.It was a mixture of choke and release, hammers and pull's,but
very precise, combined with RH ,co-ordinated plucking, sounded a bit
like drum rolls between the actual Theme . A Revelation Brudders... an Systers,Ahhh Yeah !!!
I'd been busy playin Bass constantly for two days tryin to catch
up on a bit of practise cuz I've been neglectin' it for a while .
I was so stunned I played on and ended up goin to bed,laughing, at 5 in the
morning still tryin to understand what had happened.My touch
was really light in both hands and I had a metronome on, but was too tired to
figure-out what was goin on! When I tried it today my fingers
on my RH were so sore I could only play for a few minutes.
Can anyone explain this and can I call myself a...... Bad A** Mo' Fo' Bass player now !?! :cool: :D

09-18-2005, 09:04 PM
You can call yourself whatever you want!!!!!!!!:D :D ;) :p

09-24-2005, 07:51 PM
Hrmmm, maybe you should just call yourself. . .experienced.
Not necessarily stoned
But experienced