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01-25-2003, 07:25 AM
What's the going rate for singing a jingo for a demo? How about for a full-length song? How much should the singer be paid? Do singers get paid a flat rate or per our? Please help...

01-25-2003, 03:43 PM
Itīs tough to determine that.

In the states, professional studio musicians usually go by a certain "prize list"... Mike Landau told me once on a tradeshow that he started out with a "single scale" ( $250 a session ), then later he started getting $500 and eventually $750 a session ( a session usually being approx. 3 hours )
Those are prizes that a lot of players in the States go by. But BEWARE: first of all, it depends on how good you are, your reputation ( I remember the first time I was asked to do a studio job... I had no idea what to ask for, so I said "$250 / session", next thing I heard was "click... beep...beep...beep..." )
Also depends on what kind of productions it is... if it is a small studio producing a lot of jingles for small commercials and radio, they might have players come in for way less than $250.

So you would have to try to figure out what you can ask for... or maybe you can try to figure out what those guys you wanna work for usually ask for.
Also, try to think how much you WANT for your work.
Itīs tough to find a balance. Asking for too much sure wonīt work, but asking for a small amount of dough wonīt help much either ( because you either donīt get enough for the work you invest, or people donīt even hire you cuz they are irritated by the low prize... )
I know I donīt give away a definite answer here, but maybe this might help already


01-26-2003, 01:53 AM
Is there a range I should stay within? I'm only a local amateur singer. I actually think that the process and the whole experience is more important because I love and breathe music and singing, but I still want a reasonable compensation. Thanks for your advice!

01-26-2003, 04:17 AM
OK, try to get an idea about how long it will take, how much work will be involved.
And try to judge what the one producing the project will get out of it. What I mean is:
If itīs for a local commercial for... I dunno, a car salesman, there might not be a lot of money involved, and no one will get a lot of money out of it. But if itīs for an ad which is gonna be broadcasted in more than the local area or something, there might be a lot of money coming in for the producer / production company. Know what I mean ?

If itīs like a dayīs work ( 8-10 hours ), maybe you wanna take like... I dunno, $150-200. Iīm taking a shot into the dark here, cuz as I mentioned before, itīs always tough to figure out what to charge... depends on your reputation, your abilities, the people that hire you, the project itself etc.
But if you wanna do it mainly for the experience, 150 or 200 should be not too low ( if you charge a really low amount, people might feel weird about it )...

Oh and if it is possible, try to get something on paper... try to make either a contract ( I know itīs not pleasant to do that ) or try to get paid in advance or right after the job.
I learned the hard way that usually, if youīre not paid right after the job, and you donīt have a contract, you might not be paid at all...

01-26-2003, 08:28 AM
Thanks for your advice, Eric V!