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05-19-2002, 05:38 PM

Note perfect.

I learnt the solo sloppily, a long time ago. That has inspired me to perfect it.

Thanks Eric!

05-19-2002, 06:51 PM

thanks a lot for your comments. It means a lot.
As I wrote, I recorded this while being at the GIT, and it was extremely demanding to record it to sound that similar.
I think somewhere on the web there even is a copy of my version available for free download these days, without my name being involved.
It was an awful lot of work, cuz it is more than just a bunch of notes. I also wanted to get the sound, the tone and the aggressiveness right. I always was a big Van Halen-fan, and when I was younger I had learned many of his licks and riffs, so I was kinda familiar with much of his phrasing.

And it was an interesting progress. Just like I wrote in the Studio Log 2-article, this is more of a tribute to a player who influenced me, and back then it sure gave me some new ideas when I learned Eddies licks.
I am glad you like it !
Warm regards

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05-22-2002, 01:09 PM

That was simply awesome! If you don't mind me asking, what amp and guitar did you use to record that?

05-22-2002, 02:06 PM

no problem. The amp I was using back then was a white Marshall JCM 800, modified by Lee Jackson. Lee added an effects loop and also, the amp had more gain than the usual JCM800. Also, I believe he had done something to the EQ section since it sounded pretty different at times. I think I might have used a TS 808 to add a bit more gain when I was recording.
Effects ( some delay and reverb ) were added at the mixing desk, it was a regular reverb preset plus some delay from a Lexicon PCM 70 (?... not quite certain, itīs been 6 years )
The guitar I used was some kind of a custom guitar I used for a little while... it was the body of an Ibanez EX ( the paint had been taken off ) with a custom made one-piece maple neck, Schaller Floyd Rose and a Seymour Duncan Custom Custom humbucker in the bridge position. There was a PAF Pro in the neck position ( hardly ever used it ) and the singlecoil in the middle was disconnected. I also used a black PV Vandenberg back then, but I know that I recorded this with the "Ibanez bastard"

Oh yeah, I just remembered: there also was another stompbox, an EQ pedal. Thatīs what I used to alter the sound a bit...

Thatīs all I remember, itīs been a weird time back then and I used a bunch of different gear ( I also had a JCM 900 HiGain Dual Reverb back then, but I am pretty certain I didnīt use it to record back then )
Hope this helps
Thanks for your interest and
Warm regards

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