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A Hunter73
01-30-2005, 08:02 AM
Sunny greetings from Cape Town (S. Africa).

I have been given a brand new Zoom 707 11 as a gift,
but cannot for the life of me find ANY settings that take me
close to the sounds of Mark Knoffler (any of the 5 guitar sounds he uses)
Nor Steve Vai - Santana - gary Moore - Ritchie Blackmore etc?

Is there anyone out there who can either point me to a web site where
I can find help with settings OR do they remember any of their Zoom 707
settings (before they also got rid of theirs?)

In 2000, I played on a friend's Boss ME30 (old I know), but it had SUCH
beautiful clear sounds.

My greatest frustrations NOW with the Zoom, is regardless of what I set,
turn, touch or kick . . I cannot get one note to hang (sustain) for longer than 6 or 10 seconds??

Thank you guys and dolls in advance for your help and I hope in the months to come, I might be able to share afew settings from a Zoom pedal - who knows?

Keeep rockin',


01-30-2005, 10:09 AM
Allan welcome to ibreathe! We're glad to have you on the boards.

Unfortunately ibreathe does not support gear related talk so anything on that has to happen away from the forums. Try www.harmony-central.com or google to look up gear stuff.

favourite music?

02-02-2005, 06:56 AM
Welcome abroad Allan!

Don't forget to check out the articles section here. Lots of good stuff.
Btw, you may check the gear section under the *Archives* thread here. It has been closed but perhaps you could find some useful stuff about your gear.

See ya ;)