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05-18-2002, 06:08 PM
Hi guys,

I just figured I could share a nice little exercise with you here at the "Play"-Forum. Because thatīs another cool thing we can do here... and the articles donīt have to be the only opportunity to give away some licks and exercises.
Maybe you wanna add some of your own favorite licks and exercises, too. Itīs pretty easy to with Powertab... make a TAB, create the MIDI-file, and either make a screenshot of your TAB with a program like Paint Shop... or use the "Output section as BMP"-option thatīs included in Powertab...
Looking forward to see some of your licks.

Alrighty, the exercise I wanna show you I picked up one day from Andy Timmons. Itīs a diatonic exercise that will help you to work on both your alternate picking and your pattern-memory.

What it is is a certain sequence played through all the patterns of the major scale. Here it is, in the key of D major:


As you can see, you go up three notes from the starting note and then back, then you move up the starting note by one step ( diatonically ) and repeat that sequence.
You can move it up even further than I did in this example. Also, try it in different keys. That will help you to memorize the major patterns a bit better... and it might also help you in case youīre stuck with playing in just one pattern. Itīs kind of a mixture of pattern- and along one string-playing.
In the first example, I used "outside picking", starting with a downstroke. Once you can nail it, try starting with an upstroke, which means youīre doing "inside picking". You can see that being applied in our second example:


This is the whole exercise descending, but in the key of A Major. As I said, use it in different keys. You can also alter the sequence itself ( i.e. turning it into a 5 note- or 8 note pattern ). Also, use it on different string combinations. This whole exercise helped me a lot to work on both my picking and my pattern-memory.

A MIDI-file of the two examples can be heard HERE (http://www.ericvandenberg.com/ibreathe/diatex1.mid)

Have fun, be creative, and feel free to ad other exercises. Post them at the Play-forum

Warm regards

NP: Jake E. Lee- A Fine Pink Mist