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11-19-2004, 12:13 AM
I was a rythm/lead guitarist before i picked up bass, but our bassist wasnt so good for the style of music we were looking for (now im taking his spot). I have a practice this week, and i need some tips on how to get in the "groove". I dont just wanna play root notes like a lot of other bassist out there. I want to have a little bit of everything in the song, spicing it up to make the bass a little more intresting. I also need tips on building up speed. I can play like a beast on guitar, but since im learning with my fingers, the only thing i have from guitaris my left hand. I need to build up speed, and quick. I know its a dumb thing to say. But i do need to build up speed consistently, and ASAP. Any tips are appreciated.

(i already know that accuarcy is much more important then speed, please dont tell me. I just plan on working on speed a little more then other people do.)

We are a Skid Row style band if that helps.

Thanks a lot.

11-19-2004, 01:01 AM
As far as tips to "get in the groove", just watch a few Red Hot Chili Pepper videos and watch/listen to Flea. He does just about everything well. Another thing to do is avoid Kip Winger :). (Sorry, I just saw the "40 worst metal moments" on VH1 and that just kinda stuck.

11-19-2004, 03:22 PM
I do not play bass, however I stayed at a Holiday Express last night.

We lost our bass and I messed around with it till we found a good one.

For the runs, etc. to spice up root playing, short arpeggio like:
seemed to come easy and was a little more like acoustic strumming than just playing the root.

Sir Speedy
11-23-2004, 06:03 AM
:cool: yeah little 4 note arppegios , like Malcom said .

First of all I'm a speed metal Bass Player , so i take ideas from guitar and put them into origional music on bass which i play with a Pick .i think steve Harris from Iron Madien Really shows a lot of Backbone in bass playing in metal , personally . even with the simpler straight forward stuff . His lines are complimentary to the guitar yet totally rip at the same time .

Blues rock bass playing has some of the essential bass riffs, which complement and carry the guitar .

A good blues riff , that comes to me right off the top of my head is , in the Hendrix song "hey Joe" , right after the solo in that little Bridge , the C, G , D ,and A chords are outlined by that ascending choromatic riff . That riff is in ever 12 bar blues song in the world .What a great riff .

You know what else is a good example of good bass in a simple song ?? Rush's "Best i Can" off Fly By Night .

Ahh , But come to think of it for your style music , which is Commercial Metal with a driving Edge to it , i would say Jeff Pilson , Of Dokken Fame is the Man ! How many different songs can you write with the same frickin E minor scale it's amazing.

He was great on the Dio , Strange Highways album , man! "Bring down the Rain " is Him all the way .That real Euro Metal sound .

Yeah , come to think of it in that whole Euro metal vain , Micheal Shenkner Group . Captain Nemo Amaizing Bass . off "Built to Destroy"

Skid Row has good bass playing , that guy is no slouch .And Sabastian Bach always does the unexpected , with his solo stuff .

The guy in Skynard is great , too , Gimme Back My Bullets , Saturday Nite special , and that smell . sweet home and Free bird , are so over played ,they should just make them the National anthem already ... "i ain't the one " that's cool too
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11-25-2004, 10:33 AM
"Another thing to do is avoid Kip Winger . (Sorry, I just saw the "40 worst metal moments" on VH1 and that just kinda stuck."

Hi well I saw this VH1 special, but I know Winger got a BAD rap.

There are some Awesome musicians in that band. ie.Rod Morgenstein is the drummer for Steve Morse and the Dixie Dregs, Reb Beach is an incredible creative session guitarist, Kip Winger used to be the bass player for Alice Cooper,

and Winger wrote and performed alot of great ENDURING music.

As to building speed, it's all been said before in these forums, start out slow and gradually build speed, always being conscious that the notes are coming out cleanly, and you have a good tone.