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11-09-2004, 02:12 AM
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I was wandering which practice books would be best to learn bass, read music and just overall practice excorcises?:confused: :confused: :confused:

11-11-2004, 08:05 AM
Alfred's Beginning, Intermediate and Advanced Bass books are pretty cool for the basics. Then you've got the 30 Day Bass Workout book which isn't big on explaining theory, but it's full of good exercises.

Bunny Brunel and Josquin des Pres have Slap Bass Essentials. Lots of very cool riffs for every aspect of slap bass.

Joe Santerre's Rock Bass Lines is full of mostly simple riffs, but they sound cool and offer practical, contemporary info.

11-29-2004, 11:15 AM
I recommend Jon Liebman's "Funk Bass" if you intend to include slap style with your bass playing. The book is great for beginners to advanced. With progressive workouts all over the fingerboard. the workouts could also be applied to regular alternate finger bass.

The book is began with the most basic exercises. then takes you to the next chapter with applicable ideas. Style techniques also are included like slide, hammer-on, pull-off, trill, shake, bend. etc. There's also a good practice suggestions in the early chapters. Also, a discography and equipment recommendations.

Try it! :cool: