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11-05-2004, 06:54 AM
I posted a thread a couple a weeks ago, i got tendonitis in my left hand. it got really worse it started today when i woke up , and its been getting more and more annoying by the minute. im typing this thread with my picking hand lol. im going to the doctor tommorrow but i dont know what he will be able to do , i cant play my guitar at all the pain is too bad, and aha i can barely use the controller to play grand theft auto san andreas (anyone get it? lol) maybe there will be some hope. the thing that is also irritating is that i just started going to a teacher again, and this guys the best in my area and he is a great teacher , we were getting off to a good start.hey if im fixable ill brush up on theory and learn the rest of the fretboard while ill probably have to take time off of playing the guitar.

11-05-2004, 08:36 AM
and aha i can barely use the controller to play grand theft auto san andreas (anyone get it? lol)

can't play gta anymore!? gosh.. that's almost worse than not being able to play guitar - what'ya think cj. one handed drive-bys are a pain in the a**.

seriously i hope your hand will get like brand new again - listen what the doc says and stick to it.
in the meantime you can learn a whole bunch of theory and stuff like that. visualize the notes on the fretboard and try to "hear" them, then stack intervals, make chords, play guitar in your mind visualizing the fretboard.
you probably do that already huh..

well i hope your hand gets better soon ;)

11-05-2004, 09:39 AM
thanks phantom for the support and suggestions , ill be doing that , whether i like it or not im going to have to lay off the guitar for a while.....well lay off my left hand . as far as im concerned i can still do picking exercises with my right hand :D , im just visualizing the left hand part of it . Im really wired to be honest man (4:30 in the morning right now) , you know what im taking this as test, im sticking with guitar no matter what and if it means that i can only doing boring picking exercise minus my playing hand for a month or two then im going to do it, i was being really pessimistic earlier today thinking you know "well my life as a guitar player is over" and "maybe i will go deaf to really top things off" but im actually more motivated than ever right now. even if i had to build up a tolerance to like the pain in order for me to play id have to do it aha. as for now i will be doing what you suggested. I can figure out songs by ear very easily (not intended to sound concieded) but as far as memorizing tones by ear , thats another thing which brings me to my point, Its a small start but for the past week before id pick up my guitar (before my hand turned retarted) id try to remember the tone for "E" and 4 out of five times id get it. i was actually shocked when i sang the note out and then hit the "E" i could feel the vibration in my throat from the pitches matching, aha so i will be concentrating on that more often. well i better close this out now before my right hand gets tendonitis and im really screwed aha. ttyl and thanks again man

11-07-2004, 12:28 AM
The doctors told me today i ripped my tendons in my left hand wrist. I asked the guy "is it fixable?" and he said very non chalantly "yea they have to cut you open and sew it back together" i really thought the guy was joking, but that seems like thats whats got to be done. I really hope ill be able to play after the surgery , i definatley know the healing will take time , but i dont want their premisce of my operation to be to take the pain away but ill have no more movement in my hand.

11-07-2004, 01:57 AM
well man, all I can say to that is that my dad had surgery on his shoulder last year, sounds something similar to what they are going to do to your wrist. Anyway, they told my dad he would probably get about 70% movement back, well, that ticked my dad off cause he's a very active guy, always tinkering with something, so he started working his shoulder, doing exercises they prescribed for him, I mean, he worked himself almost to death, even when it was really painful he still did it and now, it's about a year or more later and he says his injured shoulder has more movement than his other normal one! So, long story short, just keep positive and don't give up, even if it takes time. You'll be playing again.