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09-24-2004, 03:26 PM
I have a guitarist who is a darn good player. He is not afraid of any solo that he can get the tabs for or sheet music , he has a problem learning from ear i think.
My issue is, he doesn't seem to be able to improvise. We are playing an old soul song, and when the time comes for the solo (there's not one in the original but we want one) he plays random drills and tapping excersizes that don't always fit the song and sometimes not even in the key. I've asked him for bluesy soulful chops, not fast arpeggios. He plays to impress musicians not audiences, and I want him to play something that fits. I am tempted to write the solo for him as I think he may either be tone deaf, or musically uncreative, but how would I approach him with it, without offending him? I have asked him to play more bluesy-bendy less crunchy-tappy on it. But i'm beginning to think he just doesn't know how. Ideas?

09-24-2004, 03:34 PM
find a song or video that has a solo like you are hoping for and play it for him, maybe just have a CD playing sometime in the back ground and when the solo comes on, act like you haven't planned it and say "hey, that's the sound we want for that solo..." or something like that, get all the members to listen to it and (hopefully) agree. He might just need some suggestions like this to be able to incorporate his skills into what he needs to play

Just an idea, good luck!

09-24-2004, 03:54 PM
Great Idea!

09-24-2004, 04:06 PM
Great advice sugarbee !!

Improvising and working within a song / band are skills that need to be honed through practice, (as you know :rolleyes: ). This guy has, apparently put in the practice to achieve his technical ability, he'd likely be willing to practice this too.


10-09-2004, 07:09 PM
you could also make it a bit of a challenge to him. In other words, don't criticize what he does now, but say something like "It would be so cool if you could also write a solo like that." You know, something to make him want to prove he can do it. If everyone expresses admiration for the solo you listen to, like Sugarbee said, he'll probably want to prove he can do it without you ever saying anything directly to him.

10-12-2004, 09:09 AM
Go into his room and find his metronome and destroy it with a hammer! Then find all his Yngwie/Paul Gilbert/Jason Becker cd's and burn them! Then replace them with some Stevie Ray Vaughn. Better yet, book a gig at an authentic blues club if theres one nearby and watch him make a fool out of himself infront of a crowd that dosent care if he knows five three-note-per-string patterns for E Harmonic Minor.. that oughta be fun!
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