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11-28-2002, 12:14 AM
Weird title for a thread, huh ? :)
Well, some of you might know that Vinnie Moore created quite a buzz among guitarists when he recorded a guitar solo for a Pepsi TV-commercial.

The storyline of the commercial is that some young dude ( nope, Vinnie didnt appear in the commercial himself ) plays his guitar, plays some ecstatic solo and once he reaches the highest notes, the caps of a bunch of Pepsi bottles fly off... good ol´ 80´s huh ?

Here´s a part of Vinnies comments about the commercial from his website (http://www.vinniemoore.com) , where you can also hear a soundfile of it...
"Right around this time, a production company in Los Angeles was looking for a guitarist to play in a Pepsi TV commercial which they were getting ready to film. They were having difficulty finding someone, so they bought a bunch of guitar mags and by luck happened to see me in the "Spotlight" column. Out of nowhere, I got a call one January evening, and was on a plane to Los Angeles from the East Coast the following morning. I was so young that I had never even been on an airplane before. This was totally surreal!
I was initially supposed to "act" in the commercial, but the part was eventually given to someone else. Fortunately, they liked the tracks that I recorded and used my music/playing in the ad. Close-up shots of my hands playing the guitar were also used in the ad, and so I always used to joke that my hands were famous"

OK, and here´s something similar to the really fast thing he plays at the end... it´s a simple sequence moved up the neck in the key of C Major, but
a) due to the fact that the first group of sixtuplets is not repeated, the lick gets some cool twist and
b) it´s FAST
Hope you´ll like it...

PS: All alternate picking should be used to play this...

11-29-2002, 07:34 AM

For this exercise I would use alternate picking and I'd start with a downstroke. The notes on the B string would start with an upstroke. This pattern would then be what I've heard called "inside picking" which is the opposite of the infamous Paul Gilbert lick approach.

Does inside vs outside picking on this lick make a difference to you?

Since I'm an economy picker at heart, the inside picking is much easier for me. I can play licks like this very quickly, easily at the Pepsi tempo, with inside picking. If I use outside picking, it slows WAY WAY down (did I emphasize that enough?)!

I'd like to understand if an alternate picker wouldn't care either way, or would outside picking be the most natural way to play this type of lick?

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11-29-2002, 02:19 PM
Hi there,

I use inside picking to play this, too, and I guess Vinnie does too.
I guess I´d be one of those "alternate pickers" you´re referring too, :) , and I definitely do use both inside- and outside picking. As a matter of fact, at the GIT it was very common to practise most of the licks both ways, so you´d get used to using both inside- and outside-picking.
We´d i.e. play an ascending three note per string-scale, starting with a downstroke ( like most people would do ), then starting with an upstroke the next time.
So now, I check out which way works better for licks like the "Pepsi-lick", and once I know it, I use that way.

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