View Full Version : Practice advice!!

11-24-2002, 02:55 PM
Helllo everybody!!

Yesterday i came with something, i didnt actually come up with it, but i like it very much. Here you go:

If you are tired of only playing scales, legato, learning song from TABLATURE etc. this is for you.

Lets say you only learn songs from tabs, and never try to figure them out by listening over and over to a song! i have been playing for 1 and half year now, almost all the time just practicing to get more chops, and learning songs from tabs, thats no challenge, and I`ve got a bit tired of it, but when you sit down and listen to lets say Iron Maiden- Childhood`s End, like i did.
Try to figure the whole song out by ear, this song is great to figure out by ear because it has only about 5-6 different parts, including 2 solos, they are pretty hard to figure out if youre new at doing this, but the other parts is great!!
Yesterday i sat down i guess half hour- hour, and then i figured out 3 parts, and today i figured out another part, which i just didnt manage yesterday, so i have got a better musician ear:)
So i really recommend you doing this, to get a bit difference in your practice!!