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05-18-2004, 06:01 PM
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Fifth down? Flintstones! Having a tune to associate an interval with may be a valuable checking tool when learning to sing and recognize intervals. Here's a list of tunes for every interval up and down...
I stumbled across this list in a forum somewhere, I don't remember where. I tried to contact the author using the nickname's email address, but I never got any answer. I hope putting this list here is OK. If you know anything about it's origin, please let me know who should have the credit for it. Anyway, make up your own list by choosing tunes from this list or anything else you come up with:

Minor second (b2):
White Christmas; Jaws; As Time Goes By; How Insensitive (up & down); Invitation; Spring Is Here

Major second (2):
Happy Birthday; Autumn Leaves; My Funny Valentine; Desafinado; Falling in love with love; Footprints; But Not For Me; Norwegian Wood; You've Got to Hide Your Love Away

Minor 3rd (b3):
Rock a Bye Baby; Jingle Bells; A Foggy Day; Cherokee; Don't Blame Me; Stompin at the Savoy; Georgia; Moanin'; Spoonful riff (up & down); She Loves You ("loves you"); Things We Said Today; I Feel Fine; Hello Goodbye

Major 3rd (3):
Just the Way You Are; When the Saints

Perfect 4th (4):
Here comes the Bride; All the things you are; Maiden Voyage; The More I See You; Someday My Prince Will Come; When I Fall in Love; Witch Hunt (series up/down); C Jam Blues; I'll Follow the Sun; Nowhere Man; While My Guitar Gently Weeps

Tritone (#4/b5):
Maria, Purple Haze (up & down), Simpsons theme

Perfect 5th (5):
Star Wars; Twinkle Twinkle; Afro Blue; My Favourite Things; Nica's Dream; So What (tune); In Walked Bud; She Said She Said

Minor 6th (b6):
Love Story; Black Orpheus; She's a Woman (Beatles)

Perfect 6th:
My Way; My Bonnie; Inchworm; Take the A Train; When Sunny Gets Blue; Speak Low

Minor 7th (b7)
Somewhere (There's A Place for Us); Star Trek;

Major 7th (7):
Bali H'ai

Octave (8):
Somewhere Over the Rainbow; I Feel Fine; If I Should Lose You; Paper Moon;

Minor 2nd (b2):
Something; In your own sweet way; I should care; Prelude to a Kiss (5 in row); Stella By Starlight: Just In Time (series up/down); Lover (series); I Am the Walrus (series, down/up)

Major 2nd (2):
Yesterday; Corcovado (down/up, series); Freddie the Freeloader; Misty; Mood Indigo; Satin Doll (down & up); So What (chords)

Minor 3rd (b3):
Hey Jude; Girl from Ipanema; Bewitched; 500 Miles High; What is this thing called love; Spoonful (up & down)

Major 3rd (3):
Beethoven's 5th; A Fine Romance; Giant Steps; Look to the Sky; Summertime (down/up);

Perfect 4th (4):
Born Free; All of Me; Softly as in a morning sunrise; Soul Eyes; Yardbird Suite; Street Fighting Man (down/up series)

Tritone (#4/b5):
(Purple Haze, up/down)

Perfect 5th (5):
Flintstones; Feeling; Easy to Love; It Don't Mean a thing; Where Are You; People will say we're in love; The Way You Look Tonight;

Minor 6th (b6):
Love Story; Chega de Saudade; Recado Bossa Nova;

Major 6th (6):
Nobody Knows the Trouble I've Seen

Minor 7th (b7):
The Shadow of Your Smile (1st descent after pickup);

Major 7th (7):
I Love You (2nd and 3rd notes)

Octave (8):
Gimme Some Lovin (riff); Willow Weep For Me;

Sometimes the first few notes of a song form a complete chord or scale:

ASCENDING MAJOR TRIAD, 1-3-5: Can't Buy Me Love; Rhythm-a-ning
ASCENDING MAJ7: 1-3-5-7: Joyce's Samba
ASCENDING MINOR TRIAD, 1-b3-5: Comin Home Baby
DESCENDING MINOR TRIAD,(5-)5-b3-1: Nature Boy
ASCENDING AEOLIAN SCALE, 1-2-b3-4-5-b6-b7: I Get a Kick Out of You
ASCENDING DORIAN SCALE, (b3-2-) 1-2-b3-4-5-6-b7: All My Loving (after descending 2-note pick-up)
DESCENDING MIXOLYDIAN SCALE, 1-b7-6-5-4-3-2-1: Dandelion (Rolling Stones)

05-19-2004, 03:47 AM
Thats quite some list you put up Zep, but i just cant accept the fact that purple haze isnt in there for the octaves :)

05-19-2004, 10:00 AM
Agreed, thats an excellent list.

About Purple Haze. As many will know... In the first few measures the bass and guitar are both playing octaves. Bass (E) and Guitar (Bb) so the tritone is the interval between them not the interval that either of them are playing. So yes it's a good way to know the sound of the interval played simultaneously but not an up/down interval that you could sing unless you can sing chords and at least I can't do DTMF.