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10-05-2002, 03:50 PM

I'm in progress fo writing a fusion-tune in the style of holdsworth. I have sadly enough forgotten almost all musictheory regarding chordpregression except I, IV & V. And the progression I've gotten is okay, nice chords but they don't match each other that good =( it's Dm add9, G +11 and Am b13...

Anyone who could give an example on a good fusion chordprogression?

Oh, and basics on drums for fusion? I feel soo lost.

10-05-2002, 06:39 PM
I do not understand this post.
You claim you are writing a tune, and have some chords.

What is your approach to write a chord change first then the 'tune' or write the tune and then the chord change?

I have sadly enough forgotten almost all music theory regarding chord progression except I, IV & V.
What does this mean?

Define fusion.
Some fusion music has no chord progression.
Are you asking for some one to write this for you?

I suggest you start with either the chord progression or the 'tune'.
If you start with a 'tune' then try to find a chord progression that it fits over. If you start with a chord progression then try to write a tune that fits over the chord progression.
When you say in the style of holdsworth, what is it that you are trying to say? It is free improv with no chord change?
Maybe you should write this in your own style and try to make that work.

Dm add9 = DFACE

G +11 = ? GBD#(F)(A) C
G+ add 11 = GBD#C
What do you mean by this chord?
What are you actually playing here?

Am b13 = ACE(G)(B)(D) E
What do you mean by this chord?
What are you actually playing here?

This could be some kid of 'spaced out' ii V I with Am subbing for C

Maybe you should tab out the chords so we can figure out what you are talking about?