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10-04-2002, 09:26 PM
Ive been playing the classical guitar for a few years and i want to move on to an electric. Which on is best, i have £200 - 250 to spend :)

10-05-2002, 12:18 AM
Hi Timmy,

Welcome to the Forums. My first (and current) electric guitar was a Samick LK35DOS. It cost me $140, which is in your price range. I think it is a really fine guitar for the money. The workmanship is really good. The neck and fretwork seem great, although I'm no expert. The sustain on this guitar is really great. It's got a bridge humbucker, and then two single coil pickups, so you can get a pretty good range of sounds. I've had it 16 months now, and some of the frets are starting to show a little wear. I don't know if that is normal, but it seems a little early for that. The pickups are cheap I think, therefore, the top strings sound pretty weak. But overall, I am very satisfied with this guitar. I'll probably buy another guitar around Christmas time, and I'll most likely get a Strat of some sort.

I suggest heading over to harmonycentral.com to check out their guitar reviews. They have a huge number of reviews there by people who actually own the guitars. Good luck, and give us an update later on.

10-05-2002, 07:30 AM
Hey Timmy,

Dansters suggestion is a good one, comapnies such as Samick make pretty affordable guitars which usually do have a nice sound and are pretty durable.
( Years ago, I bought one of their guitars. It was quite affordable, and sounded suprisingly good. The pickups weren´t that great, but you can have those replaced one day. The body was made of plywood, but had a surprising amount of sustain anyway ).

Also, the suggestion to check out the user-reviews at harmony-central is another good idea, those reviews usually are less biased than the ones you see in magazines.

Your best bet would be to check out reviews of some "beginner models" in your prize range, by companies such as Squier / Fender, Samick, Peavey ( their Strat-copies sound very good and I think some of them are in your prize range, too ! ), Epiphone, Kramer...
Then head over to a bigger guitar store ( if there is one ), and ask an employee to let you check out some of the guitars ( most bigger stores have those kinda guitars in stock ).
Maybe you wanna ask someone alongwho´s been playing an electric guitar, so he can give you some advice.
Anyway, try a few guitars and just see what feels comfortable. That is very important IMHO. Everyone here might be able to tell you a good guitar to check out, but ultimately, it´s up to you to decide which one feels best to you.
So, take your time, play a few of them and just see which one you like best, sound- and feel-wise.

Usually, when I buy guitars, I go to a Mars Supercenter or a Guitar Center, pick about 3-4 guitars, and play them a bit. Then I can usually narrow it down pretty soon to 2 of them.
Those two I take to an "amp room", where I can sit down and play them for a while by myself. I switch forth and back,a nd after a while I usually know which one I want.
Takes a while
Hope this helps

10-05-2002, 06:12 PM
Ive just been to my guitar shop and seen a really nice electric. Its the Yamahar RGX 121s and its a bit over my budget, so i might have to save up. I also like the the yamahar sgv800 but thats even more money and i dont know if i will be able to afford it.

10-05-2002, 06:14 PM
Hey Timmy...

I heard that most of those Yamahas ( especially the Pacificas ) are pretty good, sounding nice.
What did you like about those ?

10-05-2002, 07:25 PM
The waawwww waawww bar on the rgx 420s is brilliant :D

10-05-2002, 07:48 PM
Oh... ok... I can relate to that :)

10-05-2002, 08:13 PM
www.musicalinstrumentmegastore.co.uk has the best price, but most of you probably live in America

10-09-2002, 12:49 PM
Timmy, if you're in the UK check out http://www.guitarstrings.co.uk for what I often find is a competive price

The pacifica is a great guitar to start with, as the hardware is realy good for a budget instrument( sealed gear machine heads and a good trem system)

testament to this is when I worked in a music store. Every pacifica we cracked out of the box was always in tune and played pretty well without needing any tweaks.

I'm afraid that I cant say that for more expensive Epiphones/ Fenders....

Ps, I just checked out that link you posted, seems to be a little more expensive than my site, but I haven't taken things like postege into account which typically adds another £20-30!)

10-09-2002, 09:25 PM
Hey guys and girls Im trying to learn to play the quitar, and looking for a good book to get started, any sugestions

Bongo Boy
10-11-2002, 04:26 PM
Jorge, it's hard to recommend any particular beginning guitar book, and I'm not qualified to. But, if you've been to the book stores or to the music stores, then you know there are easily a few hundred titles for 'Beginning Guitar'.

When I was looking for a book, what I found is that they all have just about the same material in them. They generally include photos of 1) all the different kinds of guitars, 2) how to hold the different kinds of guitars, 3) how to hold a pick, 4) how to string the instrument, and 5) how to tune it.

So far, this information is all fairly useful, but available from many, many web sites, your guitar store, your instructor, or your friends (who will probably want you to do everything their way anyhow) :)

Next, I've found that almost all the books I looked at have your "Let's Get Started" section. This is where you begin with chord diagrams, a couple of G chords, a D7, Am and Em. They usually then move on to strumming these chords in some rhythm, one at a time, and then to some simple progressions.

Also, most of the books just continue on to the end by adding more chords, more sophisticated (i.e., difficult) progressions, and more interesting "music".

The only real differentiators I've found between most of the books I looked at are 1) the quality of the printing itself (I hate paperbound books that look like they were printed on a sponge, or that attempt to look 'handwritten') and 2) how much 'how to clean your guitar' or 'how to select a guitar' crap they have in them.

Finally, the problem with ALL of the books I've seen is that none of them are comb- or wire-bound. You can't open them up and put them on your music stand and expect them to stay open or stay on the stand. They're useless. The first thing I do with all my paper backs that I need to actually reference while holding something (hmmm...THAT's an image) is to cut off the spine and have them comb bound. But not many folks can do that for free like I can (at work).

I bought Beginning Guitar for Adults by Nick Vecchio. It has very little extraneous junk in it and includes a CD of most of the exercises. I got 1/3 of the way thru it and was bored to death, but I think it's about as good as many of the books available. It's quite basic.

If you'd like a book that includes VERY good diagrams of the fretboard and far more music theory information, then you may want to look at The Complete Guitarist by Richard Chapman. I guess I actually DO recommend this book--with a huge caution: I found the reading somewhat difficult--uh, I found the reading to be a bitch, actually. Excellent if you learn better with pictures, tho.

In addition, the following site has a number of recommended books with short (very short) comments about them. It also has lessons, etc.


Try also:


Good luck--let us know how you're doing, please.

10-11-2002, 05:06 PM
What's Up?

I think A Modern Method for Guitar by William Leavitt is pretty good but however you must be able to sight read since there are no tabs in the book.

The Modern Method teaches you alot of different excerises like different ways to play a scale and in different positions as well.

Hey even John Petrucci recommends buying this book.

Another one that I like a lot is Music Reading for Guitar by David Oakes. Gotta be able to sight read as well. The examples here are more classical base like Mozart, Bach etc etc. You will probably learn to be able to sight read more w/this book but the best thing about this book is that it actually teaches you how to count from the simple eighth notes to the 16th notes.

Btw there are no photos in any of the books I recommended. Juz lots of treble clefs and worlds :)


08-13-2003, 02:08 PM
To digress for a minute, I just bought one of these Timmy. I've only been playing for a little while so I'm not the best guitar judge, but I love the thing. From the minute I held it in the shop I knew it was the one for me. It's really solid, with a maple body which really resonates, and the action is good - quite low. There are loads of reviews of it here:


It comes in a satin finish - mine's black, and it's a thing of beauty. It cost me £200, so I don't know how much you could pick it up for in the US, but I think it's definitely worth the money I paid for it. I saw it on sale for £160 on the web the day after I bought it, so I should've been patient and bought online, but once I saw it in the shop I just couldn't wait!

08-14-2003, 01:24 AM
Hey Timmy, why dont u check out the ibanez SA160QM? It has a solid mahogany body and a quilted maple top. Pickup config. would be single, single, double. It's about USD 320.00. Excellent sound, excellent playability.


08-14-2003, 01:53 AM
Yup SHaun, you brought it up, try ibanez dude, but make sure you try real well before you buy for some of the cheaper models might have a few problems.

08-15-2003, 08:29 PM
Hey, I don't know much yet about guitars and all but here's a suggestion.

I was a small local music shop that pretty much sells guitars, amps drums to get a set strings. Well I was looking at some of the guitars that they had in stock and they had an OLP (Officially Licensed Products) Earnie Ball MM4 hanging on the rack. It was modestly priced at $220 bucks. I fiddled around with it and really liked the way it felt in my hand and for a beginner, could tell the difference in action. I liked it. Especiially compared to my Squire Strat :rolleyes:

So I decided to go online and find out how much this guitar costs elswhere. I wanted to read some reviews on it and find out some more details. Most of the online stores where selling it around $189.00 with $20.00 in shipping. So the price was not too far off.

However here is the kicker. I went on ebay. And found the exact same guitar, brand spanking new, for an amazing $119.00. This was the "BUY IT NOW PRICE". I am not kidding you. The place that was selling it was called "Marks Guitar Shop". I went to there website and they were selling the guitar for $199.99 off there shelf. I don't know why they were selling this guitar for so cheap. I begged and pleaded with my wife to let me get it but she said no no no no no.:mad: :(

So anyways. Look around. Shop shop shop.