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09-20-2002, 08:31 PM
Just like I was with all those Steve Morse-exercises I posted a while ago, I guess I being am a pain in the neck with all those PG-style picking-exercises I have been putting up at the forum lately ( not to mention those looooong sentences ).
But Im gonna post this one anyway
I was listening to Racer Xs "Extreme Volume 1" today ( it was their first live-album ), and that album has a mind-boggling guitar solo-spot by Paul Gilbert on it.
One of my favorite licks from that solo is the one I am posting here... he sped that one up quite a bit during the solo...
The stuff in the first measure is the same thing hes playing, the one in the second measure is the same sequence, but higher up the neck, in the same key. ( Just to show you how to apply such a sequence once you made one up )
Happy Picking !