View Full Version : Carlton Super Arpeggio

09-16-2002, 11:58 AM
Larry Carlton speaks of the arpeggio made of M3 m3 M3 m3 etc...
This ends up being Cycle 5 Major Chords interlaced with Cycle 5 Minor Chords.

Fm Ab Cm Eb Gm Bb Dm F Am C Em G Bm D etc....

He uses this to move in and out of tension over long single chord vamps.

So over a Dm7 Vamp he would "spell out" Dm Am Em or F C G keeping pretty much "inside".
To create tension he would move further out on the Super Arpeggio to Gm or Bb or to Bm or D.
I have created an extremely simple example of all descending arpeggios in triplets, just to get the idea across. Maybe the group can post some 'more musical ' examples.