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09-08-2002, 01:04 PM
hi guys, i would like your opinion on somethig. my teacher has me doing an unusual technique for picking(well i think its unusual).let me explain. imagine you are set with the pick in your hand and your ready to pluck a note.now instead of moving/twisting your wrist down to strike the string ,extend yor thumb forward as if you are pushing a thumb tack into a notice board. so if you were going to pick up and down on only one string, all you would do is extend and retract your thumb forward and back. the thumb actually points down toward the floor at about 45 degres so when you thrust your thumb forward and back it cuts through the string perfectly, and i feel a lot more control in my action.the wrist actually does move a little to help with the action as well, i am quite used to this now but will this picking style restrict me in other areas of playing??
please reply. Peter

09-08-2002, 02:32 PM
Hey Peter

Some players prefer that style of picking... the combination of thumb and wrist. ( I heard Yngwie is doing it too )
I was taught to move mostly the wrist, but there are even some players who move from the elbow ! ( Vinnie Moore ).
The method with the thumb is fine, all you need to work on is sweep picking... when you do that, youīll have to move your wrist a bit more. But I donīt think it is way more difficult than it is with the "wrist-picking".
So I donīt see a problem with it...

09-08-2002, 08:26 PM
thanks mate. while we are on the right hand topic i want to ask another question.my teacher has me suspending my right hand above the body of the guitar were as i was used to sitting my palm on the bridge for support. my accuracy has suffered because of this floating hand. i just dont feel like i am planted. and no part of my hand or fingers is allowed to touch the guitar at any time unless of course i need to mute and do other things like that.what do you think about this.

09-08-2002, 09:22 PM
I think you might wanna check out whether this has any advantages for you... I know that method, some dudes at the MI played that way.
Others prefer it cuz you donīt push down on the bridge that way... if you do that on a whammy bar ( especially a floating one ), the strings will be out of tune.
I rest my hand softly on the bridge, without anchoring anywhere ( not anchoring to the volume knob or pickup or anything ).
If you feel that the floating hand is an advantage for you, stick with it, if not, play the way you feel.
Thereīs more than one right way, and although you should experiment and check out different ways, you should see what feels best for you

Hope this helps
Ewarm regards