View Full Version : SiteŽs back up but I might be off for a while

03-08-2004, 07:55 PM
Hey guys,
just wanted to let you know, my website (http://www.ericvandenberg.com) is back up now. We havenŽt managed to upload all the soundfiles and videos that were up before, but weŽre gonna finish that next week or so.
A few MP3s are already up, though... i.e. a full version of "Canyon Of Spirits", a short excerpt from my new tune "Jessi" and some others. As I said, the others will be back shortly.
The site hasnŽt been completely revamped yet, but weŽre gonna do some major updates pretty soon.

However, IŽll be offline from tomorrow on, probably for a full week. We had to re-register our phone- and internet-account, and until those changes are done, until everything is completely configured, IŽll be offline. I was told that it might take about a week or so, so hopefully IŽll be back online next tuesday.
Please keep in mind that I wonŽt be able to respond to emails until I am back... if I get to go online at some public place or a friends house, I will probably have to dedicate the online-time to replying to emails etc.
So anyway, IŽll go and read up on a few threads now, and then IŽll be gone from tomorrow on.
Warm regards

NP: Greg Howe- Introspection

03-11-2004, 04:43 AM
Hey Eric, im checking out the website and its good to see its back up, i too am having internt problems this weeks as i upgraded to a 512kb internet connection and had to canmcel my old 56 k but the 512 isnt installed yet, hopefully next week.

Peac, and see you around somehow.