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03-03-2004, 01:11 PM
Was browsing el interneto when I found this forum, which I really dig so I thought I'd join.

I'm 26, I used to be only into death metal and shredding and all that good stuff, but over the last few years I've expanded my horizons to the point that I'll pretty much listen to anything now, which I am really happy about.

Im also a Soldier in Iraq. I get to go 'home' (back to the base in Germany) in about 2 months so I'm really happy about that. I guess I'm just a really happy guy :)

Anyhoo, onto the first question which prompted me to be browsing this area in the first place. I am starting a small recording project here in the next few months (once Im out of the desert), and I have most the tools I think I need to make a semi pro recording. I got a Tascam 788 portastudio, a Mackie VL series mixer, a Neumann 103 series mic, an AKG 3000CB, and a senheiser something (I forgot what model). I'm doing about 10 songs, most of which will be two acoustic guitars and some bongos or other form of light percussion with vocals (not mine I can't sing) or just one solo acoustic guitar a la Michael Hedges style. But there will also be about three tracks that have full super distorted guitars and drums and the whole thing. My first question has two parts.

1: I need recommendations on an amp. I have a Jackson Soloist with Seymour Duncan Screamin Demon pickups in the bridge position, and Im trying to achieve a sound that is heavily distorted but not really too fuzzy (kind of like Tool on aenema). I am not adverse to changing the pickups. Any suggestions?

2: I bought all the toys to record the basic tracks. I get really picky when I start putting things down, and last time I was in a studio it cost me a ton of dough, so hence the shopping spree. I want to have a studio mix it down for the final cut, however, I have some reservations about how the music will transfer out of either my Tascam or some computer system. Anyone ever done this and can render advice?

Oh, and if anyone is from Germany or surrounding countries, drop me a line!

Have a good day!

PS Sorry this post was so long, I promise shorter posts in the future.

03-03-2004, 04:43 PM
sorry i cant help you...but welcome at IBreathe Music .......

03-03-2004, 10:12 PM
Hey welcome, Fonz !
Keep your head down man, your in a dangerous place !
Sorry, I can't help with your ??'s

best o' luck