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08-17-2002, 09:33 AM
Good morning, everyone, and welcome to my sermon...

Well, what is this about ? Now, on some board, I read a thread about Greg Howe being the guitarist of N´Sync ( and Enrique Iglesias ). And whoever posted complained quite a bit about that, making fun of that job and calling it a "sell-out".
And I have read several opinions like that... after all, this is not the first collaboration of that kind... it started with Vivian Campbell playing for Michael Bolton, Jennifer Batten touring with Jacko, Andy Timmons playing a tour as the guitarist for Olivia Newton-John, Joy Basu ( GIT-instructor ) performing with Jessica Simpson and J-Lo...

Anyway, quite a few people bit** about that. OK, it all is a matter of opinion. So here is mine: :)
-First of all, I think it´s very cool that those guys got those jobs. Cuz the bands of those "pop-acts" are usually very good. I once watched the MTV Music Awards, and Christina Aguilera was on stage. Not only did her backing band ( they played live ) groove like a mug, they also effortlessly switched from a Aguilera-song ( which was quite funky ) into a heavy metal-tune when Fred Durst jumped on stage.
Same with the backing bands of Jacko, Iglesias etc. It must be a lot of fun to play with those.

- Also, I think it must be quite enjoyable for guys like Greg Howe to play big shows like that. I mean, yes, he is an extremely talented and unique player, but his albums never really got the attention they deserved, and he never sold a lot of albums, never got much airplay, never played big concerts... which is not unusual with that kind of music ( instrumental rock / fusion ).
So it must be cool to be on stage in the big venues, playing for thousands of people, being on national TV... fun, too

- It´s just a whole different facet of the players. Howe isn´t in the N´Sync band to play screaming leads at light-speed. Instead, he has to support the band, playing rhythm guitar, grooving etc.
So that can be a challenge too.

- It also will help to pay the bills, I guess...

There´s more to this, but I´m gonna quit now :)
Anyway, just my opinion

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08-17-2002, 11:48 AM
Howe has certainly gained my respect, this guy is just about as good as it gets. No matter what he does from here on out, I will respect him. The sad truth is these people, who are masters, don't get much notice, and credit for being what they really are, or Money. There are few in his league but off hand I can't think of any, and none of these guys have any form of recogintion or money. Our music industry has been perverted ever since MTV has made it a circus, the only people who make it are the beautiful people( You 'll NEVER see a SHAWN LANE video).
Talent is not really import to being a 'STAR', it's all about marketing.
Greg need's to eat and pay his mortgage, people who dis him don't get it.

08-17-2002, 01:19 PM
James, exactly my opinion.

It doesn´t help to get frustrated about the music biz, I guess you just gotta keep going...

Shawn Lane... damn, this is such a sad story... he really was broke last year, got messed up by a business associate. I hope he´s ok again... he´s a great guy and an amazingly talented musician.


08-17-2002, 03:21 PM
Personally, I think its great that they play with pop people.

Huge audiences, no real pressure as far as song playing goes. Easy money :P

I'd love to do it.

Its not being a sell out, its just having fun and getting some money.

About Shawn, yeah. He really had some trouble. His health is none too good either. A guy I know sent Shawn a JEM, because all his equipment had been taken back. He did a webcast, and a few shows with Jonas Hellborg in Europe...and then people on his official message board started slagging him off, for stupid reasons. I forget the specifics, but the forums were closed and I think it probably hurt Shawn to read some comments that were posted.

Ah well.

Like I say, if ever a pop musician were to offer ME a job, I'd go for it.

08-17-2002, 03:58 PM
Nick, I wouldn´t mind a job like that, neither =)

About Shawn: yeah, I corresponded with his sister, who is an absolutely wonderful person, during that period. I did offer to send him an axe, but she said he would never accept that.

It sucks to see someone as talented and nice to be ripped off and torn to pieces the way Shawn was...

08-18-2002, 01:27 AM
Betrayed by a business associate, and a friend, no less.

Just shows the real dark side of the music biz. No respect for guys of even Lane's stature.

Sad really.