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07-29-2002, 02:48 PM
ok, after I shared a bunch of Morse-licks, I thought Iīd post something else that might be interesting for you.
Itīs a killer Paul Gilbert-lick, very difficult but awesome-sounding, especially in a rock-context.
He played it in the outro of "Rock NīRoll Over" ( from the first Mr. Big-album )... it combines legato and picking, but of course you can try to use only picking or only pull offīs... or play it like he did, with a combination.
Hopefully youīll like it, and I hope itīll be either a nice exercise for you, or a cool inspiration for new licks...
Shred on :D


And the MIDI (http://www.ericvandenberg.com/ibreathe/rnrolick.mid)

07-29-2002, 11:48 PM
I always thought I had big hands, but that made my hands hurt!

07-30-2002, 01:43 AM
Anything in Sextuplets sounds cool.
Even the plain Jane Pentatonic.
Chalk one up for the 3NPS Pentatonic.

07-30-2002, 09:45 AM
:) EXXACTLY, James !

furious, it is a tough one to nail, but maybe you get some cool ideas based on this in the process of learning it. That was the intention... and it fits to the "Stretch It!"-article.
Warm regards

07-30-2002, 08:15 PM
The lick from Colarado Bull dog is another similar one, that one starts lower on the neck and is a really tough one to get up to speed....

07-31-2002, 12:46 PM
Yeah, I tabbed that out for my Stretch Pentatonic article...
Warm regards

The Bash
07-31-2002, 06:05 PM
Ya know the green tinted 60's mind intro
that's so cool
whatever he's doing
open string tap pulloffs maybe?

NP-Ratt-(Ratt and Roll)

07-31-2002, 06:23 PM
Hi there,
I once wrote about weird tapping licks, and I tabbed out the Green Tinted-Intro for that. Used to play it during my workshops too... here is a TAB ( sorry, it looks way different than my usual TABīs, but itīs like 3 years old... )


Itīs a combination of tapping, hammer ons / pull offīs, slide... everything in it but the kitchen sink...

The Bash
08-01-2002, 11:34 AM
Thnxs :)
I Never could quite get that.
That's my fav Paul Gilbert Song actually, wierd as that may sound since theres no classic shredding in there. But that's a great pop song. This is like Paul's answer to TR's "I Saw the Light".

NP-Tommy Bolin & Alphonse Mouzon-"Mind Transplant"

08-02-2002, 02:46 PM
Yeah, itīs an awesome song, I especially like the record itīs on ("Lean Into It" ) and the first Mr. Big-album... great songs, and great playing...
I recommend to check out "Mr. Big Live" ( still available both as a video and CD, recorded at the Warfield Ampitheatre in SF, 1992 ), which has an AWESOME version of The Whoīs "Baba O `Riley"
Or get teh "Raw Like Sushi" series, issues 1-3 ( those are live-cdīs, available as imports )... Nr. 2 has a slower version of the aforementioned song, plus all three of them have PG-guitar solos full of great licks

The Bash
08-03-2002, 11:19 PM
I always liked those guys. I agree in Lean Into It is a great album. Though I like em all this ones my Fav. I think it was there best at meshing of Pop Music with Self Indulgence. And that to me says something as it’s a fine line to ride. That’s what makes Bands like the Beatles, The Who or someone like Prince Special is the abilty to do what ever they want and still connect on a pop level.
Ya got me interested in the live stuff that’s a must for me to check out.

NP-Satriani "Strange Beautiful Music" -This is Killer BTW.

08-03-2002, 11:23 PM
Originally posted by The Bash
NP-Satriani "Strange Beautiful Music" -This is Killer BTW.

I know, I like that one a lot, great album.
Warm regards