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10-19-2003, 05:22 AM
Just read the Caged thread see http://www.ibreathemusic.com/forums/showthread.php?s=&threadid=2354

this topic of the possible future of IBreatheMusic.com has created some concerns:

Will this site no longer be public? :(

Will there be a subscription charge?

"Obviously, I'll give priority to this forum when it starts since it will be a subscription service. I believe that new forum software must be installed and tested before ibm can begin this type of service. I also believe that other authors on ibm have this type of service planned for the near future.

The forum thing with subscription service is really Guni's idea and the ball is in his court on this. I believe ther is new forum software that needs to be installed and tested before this can happen. I also believe that Guni and Eric are planning somthing similar. It will be sort of like private lessons via the net. How the this happens (if it happens) is going to be up to Guni."

"I want to share my ideas with others and I want them to be inspired. Then I want them to share their ideas with me."

Question Everything


That is exactly why I am a member of IBreatheMusic.com and contribute to the Forums, because I want to share my ideas with others and I want them to be inspired. Then I want them to share their ideas with me. :)

I'm inspired at least 75% of the time I read the Forums, Articles, & the opportunity to get to know many of the IBreatheMusic.com Advisors, members, etc.

10-19-2003, 01:20 PM
There is no intent to make the public forums private.
The subscription idea is a way to make it worth while for the participants and authors to meet in a limited situation, where the authors can give specialized attention to those who participating in these services.

The idea is something like private lessons via the net, there is no need for all persons to participate in private lessons.

My Reasons:

1. I would like students that are actually working on the material that I am teaching.
2. I would like to have meaningful discussions without filtering through the "who is better/ whos best" threads.
3. I would like some small token of finacial reward, mostly to encourage those who are participating to care enough to keep working.
Like I said before I don't need the money, but this will take my time and the writing of this book has taken me 20+ years, so I am not going to distubute it or allow it to be distributed on Kazaa.

IBM deserves some financial reward, since this is a full time occupation, and it is very expensive to host a site such as this, so this will channel some funds their way, as well.

4. There are some people here who are musicians for a living and they might actually need the money, these people have been givng away good information with no reward other than the satisfaction that they have helped. While that gives you a warm feeling, it doesn't buy strings or put food on the table.

Sorry if this was misconstrued as a move toward privatizing the forums, that is definitely not the intent.

The only real change to IBM is the addition of some subcription services for those who are willing to participate. Those who have been here for a while aren't going to notice a change, except they will have the option of subscribing to one or more private forum / private lesson options.