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07-16-2002, 11:16 AM
Getting sick of it yet ? :rolleyes:
Well, I figured it might be of interest for some of you...
What weīve got here is the "chorus" of the legendary Dixie Dregs-tune "The Bash"... at least my arrangement of it.
Last year, I wanted to record a cover-version of this with a friend of mine. So we learned the tune, but we never got to record it.
But at least I got this really cool exercise out of it, which I use myself and also teach to my students...

Itīs an exercise combining fretted notes and open strings as well as picking on adjacent strings. The tempo of the recording ( the song can be found on "Night Of The Living Dregs" as well as on "California Screaming"... these both are live-albums by the Dixie Dregs ) is pretty much insane, so it might take a while to get this up to speed. But itīs fun... very country-style, too...





Fun, ainīt it ?
Warm regards

07-16-2002, 01:36 PM
nice one!

07-16-2002, 05:27 PM
Yeah, that is a toughie! I transcribed this phrase a few years ago in another position on the neck (9th, I think). Then one day, I saw video footage of him playing it and realized he's playing it lower on the neck (where you have shown it). After playing both versions, I realized that the open strings in the lower version sometimes make it harder (Go figure)!

Damn Steve Morse!................................Hail Steve Morse!!

07-16-2002, 05:54 PM
the guitar is playing it in unison with the violin, too... the recorded version was supposed to be played with two guitars...

Itīs really a cool lick. On "California Screaming" itīs a bit slower than on NOTLD... while on "King Biscuit Flower Hour", "The Bash" is about 10 bpm faster than on NOTLD!!!... itīs so insane, it makes me laugh :rolleyes:

I once talked to Steve and he was standing there playing that thing WHILE TALKING... at pretty much original speed. Well, after all he must have played it many times ;)

I think I mentioned it in my articles about Morse, but:
I tabbed many of his licks, using them as exercises... the arps from "Tumeni Notes", the intro of "User Friendly", some licks from "Stressfest" and "Simple Simon", the beautiful finger picking of "Highland Wedding" ( I still enjoy to grab an acoustic guitar and play that one from time to time... itīs a beautiful arrangement ).
All these licks / exercises are very cool pieces of music AND real chopbuilders...
Warm regards

07-16-2002, 06:22 PM
Hmm... So Eric.... How can we get copies of these "exercises":D

I'd be interested in the tumeni notes one!


07-16-2002, 07:04 PM
Uhmmm... well, how about if I post them at the forums one by one every once in a while. After all, those are my TAB-arrangements so I guess there wouldnīt be a copyright-problem...

Regarding Tumeni Notes, I once made a TAB of the intro, but what I am referring to is the clean arpeggio-passage... and that I explained in both my "99 ways to pick" and "Steve Morse Pt2" articles...

I can post my TAB of the intro though, if anyone is interested...

Warm regards

The Bash
07-19-2002, 08:31 PM
Seeing the Dregs do The Bash Live was amazing. It can't even be explained.

Ya got my vote. Throw anything Steve Morse my way.

Steve's fixed finger Hammer on and Pull off excerises are really neat as well. :)

07-19-2002, 09:40 PM
OK, here are a few licks & exercises for ya from my "Morse-Collection" :rolleyes:

The first one is a really fast arpeggiolick, and can be heard in "Simple Simon" ( Steve Morse Band- "Southern Steel" )
When I first heard it I was like "Well, that one is not too hard, I can sweep those kinda things, practised it for a while"
Cuz these arps are some of the most popular sweeping-patterns. The difference is: Steve alternate-picks them... which certainly gives it a different sound. Here it is... sixtuplets at 120 bpm...


Hereīs No. 2, the chorus of "Morning Rush Hour" ( from "Coast To COast" by the Steve Morse Band )

The B-Part of "Stressfest" ( the second high melody he plays ):

Here are some licks that I transcribed from "Joy To The World"... Steve did a beautiful version of that tune for "Merry Axe-Mas 1"

Finally, here is an exercise he once gave away, focussing on inside picking...

That should be plenty of stuff to work on for a while... Iīll post some more sometime, if you guys like that kinda stuff....
Warm regards

07-20-2002, 01:21 AM
Thanks Eric, those rock!

07-20-2002, 01:43 PM
Hereīs one more... a rather melodic one.
Itīs one of my favorite part out of one of my favorite Morse-Songs. It occurs in the song "Ghostwind" ( from "High Tension Wires" ), at the very end before the slow string-melody comes in ( actually, it accompanies that melody... )
A very pretty melody, played by two guitars, some kind of a "question-response" situation...


And hereīs MIDI-version (http://www.ericvandenberg.com/ibreathe/ghost.mid) a of that part

Hope youīll like it

07-20-2002, 02:02 PM
Thanks eric... The sound file helps alot. I can't read music so its hard for me to know where some notes are rhythmically.....

I also agree its cool.... I'm still working on those last ones, especially the ones from "Joy to the World", very clever ways to play the melodies


The Bash
07-20-2002, 09:36 PM
Hmm, lets see who gets sick first.
Us of seeing em
or You of Showing em too us :)
Hope u gotta strong tummy cause I'm in for the duration.
Thnxs Eric

07-20-2002, 11:22 PM
What, you wanna dare me ? Little contest, huh ? :D
Anyway, glad you guys like those... and hopefully some people who are not familiar with Steveīs music feel tempted to listen to some of it... *hint*
Warm regards