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12-03-2008, 04:27 PM
Hi Guys,

I'm not sure where this post is allowed here since it may require gear specific language (I think of it as a keyboard technique question) but I thought I'd ask here for your advice. Now that I'm equiped with my MBP15 and DP6, it's time to start learning my way around designing sounds worthy of recording. A current project that I'm obsessed with is "Night By Night" by Steely Dan (Pretzel Logic). There's a keyboard part that is playing 8th notes (or 16th notes dependent how you feel the main tempo) over the verses that I can't seem to sort out how to approximate.

I'm convinced that Fagen is not playing every attack since the rhythm is far too regular to be human. I hear two distinct sounds - one on the down beat and one on the upbeat. For the most part it sounds like these two are the same voicing but with different filter envelopes. Is this done with a patch that uses a midi note-off to trigger another note-on? Any help / guidance will be appreciated. If there is another place I should be asking, please advise.



12-08-2008, 01:27 AM
I'm not totally sure this is a keyboard, sounds sort of guitar-like... so muted clav? I'm hearing every "and" accented and the counts less so. One way to achieve this would be to first set up a stereo feedback delay (fraid I don't know the MBP15 or DP6 all that well), most delay effects have some kind of timing control or source to feedback control. You want a 2-tap delay for eighths (sixteenths), so you'd be playing on the quarter and hearing two eighths. Then when you've got that set up, patch the whole thing to a 2-pole? low pass filter triggered by an LFO with either a square wave (equal pulse-width) or a reverse saw-tooth.

Seriously though, it sounds like rhythm guitar with wah pedal.