View Full Version : Need help finding Bach Prelude

06-17-2008, 05:20 AM
Way back in sixth grade when I began learning to play the bassoon, my school band played an arrangement of J.S. Bach's Prelude and Fugue in B-Flat Major that I would love to play on the organ I just inherited. The problem is that the bassoon part I have doesn't correspond to any of the Bach Preludes in B-Flat that I've been able to find, and I'm wondering if the arranger changed the key or otherwise altered his arrangement from the original. The link below shows the score from which my bassoon part was taken. Any help in identifying this piece is greatly appreciated.

Prelude and Fugue in B-Flat Major (http://www.sheetmusicplus.com/store/smp_detail.html?item=1525194&cart=34226538292080180&cm_re=289.1.4-_-Results+Item-_-Title)