View Full Version : Suggested Classical Piano Course Of Study?

03-04-2007, 06:16 AM
Hi all,

I've been playing piano for about 4 years and started taking lessons last June. I'm mostly a blues/boogie woogie player and I'm looking to build a decent classical background.

I am just finishing up Bach's Invention #1 and I'm wondering how my repertoire should progress as I advance.

Right now I have a goal to learn all 15 Inventions and 18 Preludes by Bach in 2007. I figure it will give me a foundation in counterpoint and will teach me a lot.

Where should I go from this?

I'm looking to move into Mozart and Beethoven after Bach; getting into Sonatas eventually. I would also like to play some of Bach's Well Tempered.

I'm hoping someone with experience could help guide me. What are the step to move from Invention #1 to Rachmaninoff and Liszt?

I am willing/able to dedicate 30 minutes of concentrated practice toward my classical repertoire every day. This does not include scales, sight reading, my Jazz and Blues studies, which I also focus 30 minutes every day on.

Thanks for any input.