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01-14-2007, 12:27 PM
Hi Friends !

Though I'm a Guitar student (I teach myself), I recently tried to play the melody part of Fur Elise on a keyboard by ear. This was the first time I ever tried to play any other instrument than Guitar - hence it turned out a bit sore and sloppy... The below is a small video clip of that -


Kindly excuse me if its too bad or irritating, I really dont know how to play a keyboard. All I did was experiment with my Ear and a little bit help from the internet. The Timing is all bad... but anyways please let me know your comments...

Now the main question which I wanted to ask is - How do bring my left hand in - I mean to ask about "Which Chords come where?" - I recently found a little DVD course on the internet which promised to teach this - like if you know which chords come in that key - there's a certain rule on which chord will be played (by the left hand) when a certain note is being played in the melody (by the right hand)...

If you could kindly guide me on this, I can complete a few songs for which I've figured out the melody and I can play them on the keyboard...

Also if you could advice some other material which is good to begin learning a Keyboard or that teaches this concept, I'll be really very grateful. Thanks again for reading and for your help...

Take care Friends and Have a Great Weekend !

The Doc
01-16-2007, 06:50 AM
I'll see if I can break it down in some way:

When you land of the first "A" of the melodic passage, you're on an Am chord.

From there is the arpeggio up to the "B" which is an EM chord.

Arpeggio up to the "C" is another A chord.

Then the second statement is pretty much the same as the first except for the last few notes, but it's still the same progression.

The third statement begins with the stepwise passage from "B" to "E." That's in CM.

The passage that ends on "D" is in GM.

The next passage ends on "C" and is in Am.

And the final part ends in EM before repeating the beginning again.