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06-08-2002, 01:50 PM
hi guys.
id like to share a problem with you.the hardest thing for me to do is a pinched harminic.most of the time i do it by accident when i dont want it but i cant for the life of me do it when i want to. when i do manage to get it it never has the same volume as the the picked notes that i am playing.any tips here?i have tried to dig my thumb in with my picking stroke,also i tried to dig my 1st finger in with an up pick but i only get 1 decent outcome out of 10 tries.
and the other harmonic is a trouble too.i mean the one where you lightly touch the string with your left hand over the fret you want to play and then pick the string.no matter how lightly i touch the string all i get is a mutted sound. thanks again everyone you guys are a wonderful source of advice. hope to here from you soon.
sincerly, peter

06-08-2002, 10:20 PM
Just the real estate mantra.
Harmonics are produced when you divide the string up into some simple fraction of the remaining length.

An Octave Harmonic is produced when the string is divided in half.
A two Octave harmonic is produced when you divide the string in fouths.

Touch lightly over the 12th fret of the G string and pluck, make sure your finger is directly over the fret and touch it with as small a surface as possible ( your finger nail tip if necessary). You should hear the octave of the open g string.
Now do the same at the 5th fret ( this divides the string in fourths ), now you should hear 2 octaves above the open g string. You can go between the 2nd and third fret to find the halfway point between the nut and the produce the 3 octave up harmonic.

Now fret the first fret of the g string and touch the 13th fret when you pluck you should get one octave higher.

Now keep fretting the first fret and touch the 6th fret pluck and get 2 octaves higher.

Up aproximately 5 frets gives the double octave from ANY fretted note as well!

Aproximately Seven frets up gives the octave plus a fifth , half of seven frets give two octaves plus a fifth.

Up aproximately four frets give two octaves plus a third.

Get it?

06-09-2002, 12:00 PM
Peter, I recently wrote an article for iBreathe which should be available / published soon. It features examples of different kinds of harmonics and examples on how to generate them, plus MP3-audiofiles...

So stay tuned
Warm regards