View Full Version : Piano Montuno Progression

04-17-2006, 10:40 AM

I have a question about playing montuno ( of any kind ) , givven a basic sample , that matches the chords written.
Usually charts only conatain chords and i dont understand how to apply my pattern to the new chords.

an easy one is if i have a 2 bar montuno and i know its basic pattern ( lets say the root is C ) , and every 2 bars in the chart of the song is written a new chords i am just shifting my pattern as much step needed and play it like that. ( or am i wrong ?? )

the more difficult one is if i have chords changes in the 2 bar themselfs that are not part of my pattern chord proggression. what do i do then ??

i have attached an example of a 4 bar montuno that is givven as a sample and for the rest , only the chords are mentioned ( notice that there are chord changes right in the first bar after etc. : Cm7 -> F7)

can anyone help ??


what i first thought that by looking at the first bar of the pattern : there is a use of G ( which is the first note of the chord Gm6 and then there are 8th notes Bb and D which are 3rd and 5th notes ) , so by that analogy i tried figuring out the upmentioned bar : i mean : playing first C ( which is the first note of Cm7 and then Eb and G )....

now another question... ( :) sorry for that ) , how can i determin in which octave to play the notes ? am i suppose to pick it from the sample pattern...