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03-06-2003, 05:19 AM
This may sound like a weird question, but how do you incorporate tapping into solos without making it seem cheesy or like you're just trying to show off a trick? I've got the whole tapping thing pretty fast with the metronome and I LOVE tapping, it's so cool but I can't make one good solo with tapping and I don't mean double bend tapping because I can incorporate that fine, I'm talkling eruption type tapping. It always astounds me how iron maiden can tap in so many solos without even making it stand too much.

03-06-2003, 10:29 AM
Two things that might help:
A) Try to see tapping as a melodic tool first. Meaning that, when playing a melody or something, add one or two tapped notes in between, incorporating each one so it sounds natural... then start adding longer bits

B) Get used to picking over the neck, where you want to tap.
Take a look at the example below, my right hand is picking the notes ( most of it is hammered on / pulled off, but the first note on each string is tapped ) over the neck, so itīs already right in place to throw in the tapped ones.
Get used to changing from "normal" playing to tapping, forth and back, until tapping becomes a part of your "normal playing"

I used to have the same problem, it always was like "soloing-soloing- BIG TRICK ( tapping )- soloing"

What I wanted to do was to incorporate tapped lines as a natural sounding part, to have those parts being equal to the "other stuff".
And the first steps I took was to incorporate short tapped lines or single tapped notes so itīd blend better.
Takes a lot of jamming, too... I think thatīd be the most natural way to get to that point

03-06-2003, 10:31 AM
Also, I have been babbling about the big tapping-article ( series ) I am working on... after all, tapping is something I do a lot and worked on a lot.
And yes, the article will be coming, itīs just that I still have to record some soundfiles and do some other stuff... slow progress, but thereīs so much going on... stay tuned !