View Full Version : Reading sheet music w/ solfege

02-01-2006, 11:02 PM
I want to find out how to read music with solfege. I know how to do the basic reading with solfege, but I need to learn how to label the notes with real music. Right now my choir is doing "Annabel Lee" and "Come, Let Your Hearts Be Signing" and I need to be able to look at the beginning and label the note using solfege. I am trying to explain what I need, I hope someone gets what I am trying to say.. :confused: :(

02-02-2006, 06:01 AM
Find what key it's in, and that note becomes 'do.' If the song is in G major, then 'do' will be G, 're' will be A, 'mi' B, and so on.

Key signatures are the easiest way to determine the key. It's not a 100% sure fire way to check (because every key signature can be 1 major key and also 1 minor key), but it will at least get you very close to the answer.