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  1. Chord progressions pt 3
  2. Update on my status
  3. My playing is getting up there
  4. Triads
  5. How do you...
  6. Could someone...
  7. How do you...?
  8. What I discovered today
  9. Speed picking video
  10. A question about....
  11. Trills < Want to learn more about!
  12. Tascam GB-10 Guitar Trainer/Recorder
  13. Runs and fills
  14. Anyone know any....?
  15. Chromaticism in soloing
  16. What pedal is....
  17. Something I have just notice
  18. The bebop scale
  19. Something Sheryl Bailey said....
  20. Clueless about jazz
  21. Eight positions of Dorian???
  22. Something I come to know
  23. My jazz playing is coming along
  24. Jess Lewis ft. Alex Hutchings
  25. My problems
  26. Something: "New!"
  27. Guthrie Govan bends
  28. The C maj7 chord and....
  29. Walking Bass Lines
  30. Chords
  31. Notes that are...
  32. Chord progression in the key of.....
  33. How important is singing....
  34. What I discovered in this video
  35. Improvising
  36. Struggling while writing songs
  37. Fingering
  38. Anyone know this song?
  39. Trying to figure out...
  40. Something I had realizied
  41. Chords to this song
  42. Short and Long notes
  43. Can I synchronize my sheet music with an audio file
  44. Is there any sort of continuous replay option
  45. Melodic Minor
  46. This chord I wanted to put in my song
  47. This is just....
  48. Soft or Hard attack
  49. In my song I have....
  50. Sequence patterns
  51. Back here with another thread
  52. Arpeggios
  53. Something that I learned help me along the way
  54. Something I started...
  55. Chord Families & Diatonic Chord Substitution
  56. Secondary Dominant Chords
  57. Chord progression formulas
  58. Completely thought out!
  59. Circle of fifths question?
  60. The augmented chord
  61. Voice leading
  62. intervals??
  63. How to determine....?
  64. Major scale question?
  65. Holding the guitar pick to hard
  66. No explanation
  67. Chord progression formula breakdown
  68. Anyone know any good metronome practices
  69. The thought that came to me
  70. Need advice for teaching kids
  71. Sustaining A Note
  72. How to Memorize At Hearing Intervals?
  73. how to determine chords from a melody?
  74. What are the formula for these chords?
  75. Comping < I think that I have it
  76. Unusual chord....
  77. What is this called???
  78. Altered chords???
  79. Does anyone.........
  80. Chord question
  81. An Art of Music
  82. A Nice...
  83. This chord progression
  84. What chord is this
  85. Where's the cadence in music
  86. Cadences??? Very difficult
  87. Im determine to know....
  88. A review on a video I had seen on....
  89. 7b9 chord problems
  90. Passing chords from piano player perspective
  91. V7#9 chord
  92. Key of F# or Gb
  93. what exactly is a tritone/triad??
  94. This common chord progression
  95. The seven modes
  96. What chord is this
  97. What I find difficult to practice
  98. Time for the basics
  99. A "New" Chord progression
  100. A Metronome question
  101. Had to figure out....
  102. What I learn from
  103. A question
  104. I cant tell what chord this is
  105. Scott Devine - from a bass guitar perspective
  106. Sweet George Benson Lick - Video
  107. I cant believe this - Jazz made simple
  108. Really Basic Music Theory Questions
  109. Is this a blues chord progression?
  110. When looking for a guitar tutor...
  111. Finger exercises for the guitar
  112. I need harmonic anaylsis to this.....
  113. How to figure out...
  114. How to harmonize a note in a song
  115. I camt tell what these chords are
  116. The IV-vii*-I Chord Progression
  117. Chords
  118. More chords
  119. When putting emphasis on a particular note
  120. *Newb alert* Keeping 'the rhythm'
  121. Free Guitar Lesson: Guitar Licks-Jesse Van Ruller C minor lick
  122. The 2nd subject entry in a fugue and fifths
  123. A few basic questions
  124. Which one to begin: electric or bass guitar?
  125. Hi Dear,
  126. Extreme Music Notation Book Suggestion
  127. When I get started..
  128. Question For All You Jazz Experts!!
  129. how do you play over certain changes in a song?
  130. How Do You Find the Term in a rhythmic of 5 note sequences?
  131. Hey Jazz Guy - Upper Structure Colors <Video Inside
  132. A little lesson I learned
  133. How can I get away with....
  134. How does George Benson gets away with....
  135. Hi guys. I need to know how...?
  136. Could someone tell me...?
  137. Chord Progressions
  138. Need Help with certain scale names
  139. Dominant 9th chord?
  140. What is he playing?
  141. The art of using the thumb
  142. Classical music theory notation for chord inversions
  143. How do you recommend to learn the Modes (on Guitar)
  144. Guitar Intervals
  145. Question from my friend
  146. A email I gotform an old buddy of mine
  147. Playing the Circle of Fifths and Fourths
  148. Learning Chords
  149. What's wrong with my Muscle Memory?
  150. Piano melody Key change
  151. Key of song help!
  152. How do I arrange thirds,sixsth or tenths in a song
  153. What to learn first
  154. [Piano/Keyboard] Some Questions about Timing and Metronomes
  155. No-barre chord songs
  156. Need help with practicing
  157. Help identify the attached track
  158. What piece to learn?
  159. ChordIQ - When it comes to musical fun, we strike a chord with anyone!
  160. Epiphone Wilshire Phant-o-matic AI - opinion
  161. Buying a new guitar
  162. I practice guitar for 20 years and learned nothing. Help me restart.
  163. How to write chord progressions - Easy method - Circle of Relative Minors and Majors
  164. Beginners Blues rhythm guitar - ideal first guitar lesson
  165. Beginners Blues rhythm guitar - barre chords
  166. Beginners Blues rhythm guitar - part 3
  167. C ... and Blues
  168. Cleaning a Tenor Recorder Lever
  169. Strangely dressed arp
  170. Shop Off-road Racing T-Shirts Online
  171. Shipping from China to Australia
  172. Need advice