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  1. Starting Out Please Help
  2. Violin Tuning
  3. Please help me create a schedule
  4. Beginner Questions
  5. Songs to learn
  6. Number of Exercises in Practice Session
  7. Solo acoustic piece recommendation
  8. Getting started with music theory
  9. starting point and JM
  10. Coming back home
  11. Stuck
  12. An A# chord in C Major?
  13. How to bend on a harmonica!
  14. b5 vs. diminished
  15. Chr Tuner, Metronome, Chord Finder?
  16. Which tutorials ?
  17. Looking for a Blues guitar
  18. Tips for begginers?
  19. Side Notes
  20. Recording Guitar onto Computer
  21. I am so stuck and lost!
  22. Music Concerts In Chennai
  23. Can I borrow a little musical experience and advice?
  24. Very basic question about diatonic scales.
  25. guitar manufacturer lingo
  26. Bbm/maj7/D chord:
  27. Getting Started--What Counts?
  28. Switching from guitar to bass guitar.
  29. Need Basic info and a few programs
  30. Sheet music/CD combination
  31. chord frustration
  32. Singing troubles...
  33. Experience w/ these Books?
  34. Questions about movable do
  35. Strumming Pattern for a Certain Song...
  36. Learning to read sheet music
  37. What key, scale and chords are this little idea of mine?
  38. Hopefully not too gear related..
  39. Shopping
  40. Six string Basses and related problems
  41. metal hammer awards nominations 2009
  42. Training bass guitar
  43. Improvisation - how to start?
  44. Practicing tips - taking a new direction.
  45. Starting at 6yrs old
  46. Extensive site, book and dvd list
  47. Interval References
  48. Question: Is it true?
  49. Genre Crossovers in reading
  50. Music career
  51. Understanding the basics of song composition.
  52. Confussed parent of a 10 year old wannabe guitarist
  53. I'm terrible at singing
  54. Bass Guitar Help.
  55. How to learn chords (beginers to advanced)
  56. Enharmonics, Intervals and Scales
  57. Major Minor
  58. Arpeggios help???
  59. What's the history of "C"?
  60. intonation issues
  61. Scale/Arpeggiation
  62. Writing lyrics - what comes first?
  63. Writing lyrics - what comes first?
  64. whats the best book or method for learning chords?
  65. Music Theory Counting Help...
  66. tone quality
  67. Can anyone help me figure out what notes are optional
  68. Songs without Barre chords
  69. The Difficulty of hearing a note in your mind and producing it via mouth.
  70. The most important element of playing the guitar
  71. Music Theory... where do I start?!
  72. Writing intervals above and below
  73. Internet Lessons?
  74. playing without a root note!
  75. good tunes for learning more advanced chords
  76. Does this make any sense, I need help!
  77. terminology question.
  78. Help with Minor Scales!
  79. What do you think of this song?
  80. 5 Tips for Choosing a Guitar Instructor
  81. New progression.
  82. Does anyone know how to convert guitar chords to...
  83. How to play major & minor scales
  84. Cane anyone recommend good software metronome?
  85. Playing Notes, not just Patterns
  86. Getting that Jimmy Page sound
  87. Chord Progression
  88. Looking for I-iii-V Progression tips....
  89. The Frequency Spectrum of Sounds??
  90. Enharmonic Intervals
  91. Intervals question
  92. New and have questions!
  93. pentatonics scales.
  94. Awareness of tones in a scale/mode
  95. Help with guitar multi effects equipment
  96. Approach for learning to solo, feedback wanted
  97. Why is the 3:2 ratio called the perfect fifth?
  98. Judging key from chord progression?
  99. Canned arpeggios: do you actually use them?
  100. Pentatonic Question
  101. What key is Theme from Carrie by Pino Donaggio in?
  102. What key is Exhausted by Foo Fighters in? (chords included)
  103. Keep hitting the wrong string
  104. Best CD to WAV/APE/MP3 ripper?
  105. Quick route to garage band
  106. Learning song structures - Fossil Genera: A Feed From Cloud Moutain
  107. Pentatonic arpeggios
  108. "Tuning" down chords [HELP!]
  109. Transpose key
  110. Confused About Learning Guitar
  111. Trying to analyze a piece's chords
  112. beginner drums for church
  113. Finding an alternative for a drummer
  114. Ground noise problem
  115. Scales and how to improvise, basically.
  116. Stroke 9 - Scream Chords/Key?
  117. Arcade Fire - My Body is a Cage
  118. Stroke 9 - Thanks for Playing (opening chords?)
  119. Utada Hikaru's 'Ultra Blue'... Analysis?
  120. Arranging with 3 acoustic guitars
  121. too much power?
  122. Teacher or online lessons?
  123. 470 G or 570G
  124. beginner
  125. guitar- Get started wih the Blues!
  126. Hello
  127. Getting started again?
  128. Online Guitar Lessons?
  129. Memorizing tempos?
  130. In need of music theory
  131. Building Major and Minor Scales + The Cycle of Fifths
  132. Chords of the Seventh
  133. hardtail tremolo
  134. amps
  135. Getting Started
  136. Major scales
  137. Chord and scale building website
  138. 3 nps
  139. Top Social Networking Sites
  140. Recommend me some spanish acoustic music for guitar to learn?
  141. What are the what circles in front of the black dots on a chord diagram?
  142. Picking Songs Out By Ear (Keyboard)
  143. Minor Scales
  144. Right track or not?
  145. Could someone list secondary chords to the key of Ab
  146. Anyone know the names or the modes to the harmonic key?
  147. New Chord progressions I came up with
  148. Passing Chords
  149. Chords up the neck
  150. Theory exams
  151. I thinik this is a getting started post
  152. Scale Sequence Patterns
  153. Chord Possibilities
  154. What chord could I use over this?
  155. The Dominant 7th Chord
  156. A Chord and its Interval Structures
  157. What are various ways to create....
  158. Why does these notes sound....
  159. Anyone here one going to....
  160. Anyone tried the....
  161. When the melody is evolved.....
  162. Three step....
  163. What is the difference between a lick and a riff?
  164. How to create a solo?
  165. What is the biggest guitar secret you have....
  166. Level of Playing Guitar
  167. Eric Johnson
  168. Interval names
  169. What are some of the biggest tips or things you learned from your most favorite...
  170. Parallel minor question?
  171. This is a chart...
  172. How to create a melody line for chords?
  173. Hey guys....
  174. Chord voicings and there chords listed
  175. For this chord progression sounds good but....
  176. How to determine if a single note goes from being a single...
  177. The Chromatic Scale
  178. When using a minor pentatonic scale....
  179. Walking Basslines
  180. How do you emphasize the Cmaj7 chord
  181. Chromatic sequence patterns exercies???
  182. Anaylzing notes over a chord
  183. What chord could I play over...
  184. How to solo over single chords then...
  185. How to recognize when a song has a minor or...
  186. The bvii and the bvi confuses me
  187. Recording Studio
  188. Chromatic Phrasing
  189. Landing notes
  190. How to play outside?
  191. What is this thing called
  192. what key is this lick in and what....
  193. Allan Holdsworth
  194. Can any tell me what lick and chords this guy is playing in...
  195. I need tabs please!
  196. Need help finding chords to this melody line
  197. Roman Numerals for Parallel Minor?
  198. I can not tell the difference
  199. Chromatic Approach notes half step above and...
  200. I dont understand ii-v-i after seeing this video
  201. Jazz guitar website
  202. Diatonic approach notes
  203. Diatonic Phrasing
  204. Piano for leisure, grade 7 scales
  205. Piano for leisure grade 7 Marks
  206. Opinions on my piano for leisure pieces!
  207. Patching myself up.. Gosh, I need advices!
  208. Reading sheet music on guitar, starting from scales
  209. recommendation
  210. The way a Guitar is Shaped.
  211. Buying an intermediate level guitar
  212. chord progressions
  213. How to practice chromatics on the and beat?
  214. How to develop ideas on the guitar fretboard
  215. George Benson a Icon
  216. Jazz books?
  217. I dont know if you guys pick up on this
  218. What does it take to get to the next level
  219. Sliding into chords technique
  220. Notes that are being held
  221. Ascending patterens vs Descending patterns
  222. How to play like that....?
  223. Scale Ideas?
  224. One question
  225. What I learned from George Benson
  226. How to modulate on the guitar?
  227. Examining phrases closely
  228. What must I do?
  229. A new discovery for me
  230. Chromaticism used in bebop
  231. Triad Pairs
  232. Does every song....
  233. Transforming scales to melody
  234. Something I came across
  235. A thread I missed
  236. book recommendation
  237. Over anaylsing
  238. A New Concept
  239. Practice for Writing Own Melodies? [Keyboard/Piano]
  240. Pls help me name these scales, which is minor, pentatonic, chromatic or whole-tone?
  241. Chord progressions
  242. The thing I learned today
  243. Description of this video I saw
  244. Something I been studying
  245. The V-I Chord progression
  246. This chord progression I came up...
  247. Chord progression pt 2
  248. Can I start on....
  249. I found this...
  250. Chords for the key of E