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  1. Understanding Chord Progressions
  2. Chord Progression
  3. Frustration
  4. Help with identifying chord progression
  5. Will modes take me further
  6. Tonality and modes (for a change!)
  7. My new piano chord algorithm
  8. Moon River tab?
  9. Augmented sixth chord question
  10. Very simple cadence question
  11. Help me analyse one of my favourite solos plz!
  12. Another question on Modes
  13. drop 2 voicings
  14. two problems I got wrong on a test
  15. Ted Greene and modes
  16. Could anyone help me analyze this song?
  17. Music theory warm ups and such.
  18. unusual key change...wondering how to get back so to speak
  19. what is the difference in a Maj7 chord and a regular 7th chord?
  20. Root Progressions & Chord Functions
  21. Has anyone used chord guide.com?
  22. Question about a RR chord progression
  23. beats & harmonics
  24. bars + time signature
  25. Key Sigs for Drop-D
  26. You could learn a lot from Stevie Wonder
  27. Confussing time signatures
  28. Jazz Standards or Jazz Charts
  29. Determining Key Signature of a Song
  30. Counterpoint: Fux's "Gradus Ad Parnassum" complete
  31. need help figuring out key
  32. Article by Chris Juergensen on half-whole scale
  33. 6 String Root Modes
  34. Question about chord inversions.
  35. Modulating from c minor to g minor
  36. Great interview with Scott Henderson on youtube...
  37. enigmatic minor scale 1 2 4 chord?
  38. jazz theory question help needed
  39. Guitar scale patterns.
  40. The modes Quick reference
  41. by ear guitarist needs help with theory!
  42. The guitar solo scale
  43. What is the name for "over-ringing" plucked notes
  44. What's the relationship of Amaj7 to Bbmin7(b5)???
  45. Correct way to spell out Harmonic minor?
  46. Chromatic Bass Movement in Four Parts
  47. More modal questions.
  48. Single octave chordal melodies.
  49. Question on accidentals
  50. Mode Questions.
  51. New Free Guitar/Bass/Keys ebook
  52. A quick question about key.
  53. Scale Question!
  54. Two discoveries on tritones.
  55. Historical music theory teaching issue
  56. The circle of fifths
  57. note choice...please help
  58. chord harmony with exotic scales
  59. Counting 16th Notes in 12/8 Time
  60. need help understanding counting speed on metronome
  61. Time signature help... please.
  62. Does my theory knowledge translate to open tunings?
  63. A video and guitarpro introduction to modes
  64. Using a chord shape to gather scale notes
  65. waves
  66. It's time to learn Modal Inversions!!
  67. which key are these chords ???
  68. How do I know which mode to play in?
  69. Can anyone explain how different modes relate to different chords?
  70. What are 9, 11 and 13 chords?
  71. Questions on intervals!
  72. How to make solos sound more jazzy?
  73. hungarian minor scale ??
  74. Am I understanding this "MODE" thing right?
  75. What is this?
  76. Why do 1,4,5 work so well?
  77. Which chords work together?
  78. how do these songs harmonise?
  79. in the end is music just trial and error?
  80. what's your favorite music theory?
  81. Favorite chord progressions?
  82. common key changes, bridge changes, chorus changes
  83. What makes a good riff/lick and questions about song writing!?!?
  84. Why are arpeggios so important?
  85. How to add chords to my solos?
  86. Theory Links
  87. What makes certain music sound like its genre?
  88. A problem...is there a notation for this?
  89. What are the most important things you need to know for guitar?
  90. Can anyone explain dominant, sub-dominant, That stuff??
  91. Out of key!
  92. VII chords
  93. What is "12 Bar Blues"?
  94. Dil ki awaaz -Lata Mangeshkar Musical Show
  95. After pentatonics what? (and before diatonics)
  96. Question about a site I'm looking for???
  97. Subconcious relationships between Pitch/Tempo
  98. Tuplets
  99. Modulating from F-major to a key with E-flat, G, and B-flat-minor
  100. Seventh chords
  101. What constitutes a scale?
  102. who decided which pitches become notes?
  103. Arpeggio Substitution
  104. Riff, lick, groove?
  105. What are some common scales used for soloing?
  106. What's your view on tabs?
  107. What are the notes in an E7#9?
  108. Question about chords outside of the key?
  109. Why is pentatonic so useful?
  110. Is there a site that lists all the chord formulas?
  111. I'm not really getting how to apply the notes of a chord to the fretboard.
  112. Doesn't it get hard to remember flats/sharps in a key?
  113. Questions RE: modes, chords, tonal center, etc.
  114. How to make solos different from each other?
  115. In Gm (dorian), what's dominant?
  116. How do I get better at soloing/improv?
  117. I have a brutal musical ear.
  118. What to resolve to?
  119. Traditional Chinese Music
  120. breakthru... voicing
  121. Modal playing
  122. Question about phrygian and other modes
  123. How do I use chords in a progression besides major/minor/diminished?
  124. when to play which arpeggio ?
  125. Interval problem
  126. Tonality
  127. What characterizes a song as blues or metal etc...?
  128. How do I know which chords resolve to what?
  129. When should/do you use sharps/flats?
  130. Two thirds?
  131. 5 whole steps and 2 half?
  132. which chord name to choose?
  133. The best way to start memorizing how the different intervals sound?
  134. Mixing Scales
  135. Recommend me some cool scales.
  136. Confused about Modal chord progressions (is that the right term?)
  137. key change for breakdown?
  138. star trek chord
  139. Quick question about dominant.
  140. What is this chord called?
  141. Just another chord name question
  142. How do I use a second guitar to harmonize the chords I play?
  143. New Guitar/Piano Chord eBook
  144. "Question"
  145. Notation questions - treble clef vocal score
  146. Basic Question about chords
  147. Which notes/keys go with which chords
  148. Funk chord charts
  149. What mode should I use?
  150. What does it mean by a song being in a certain mode?
  151. Does anyone have on of these, but in minor?
  152. Epiphany or nonsense?
  153. What mode would you guys use here?
  154. composing, arranging parts of original piece
  155. Guitar chord program/site
  156. Riff Writing
  157. Jazz progression key...
  158. a strange progression
  159. Just ordered the Improviser's OS by Wayne Krantz
  160. 3gs
  161. need rhythm ideas
  162. Jazz notation?
  163. My chord progression?...
  164. How often are diatonic chords used...?
  165. Which chord to use?
  166. Can anyone help with a song I'm trying to write?
  167. Can you guys help me with a song?
  168. Trouble finding the key center of a progression.
  169. Altered chords
  170. Four Part Writing Questions
  171. G# in E phrygian?
  172. Your heartbeat and your music!!
  173. Are there only sus2 chords?
  174. Using Scales: Tension and Release
  175. Chord progression tonal center trouble...
  176. music that makes u feel evil, n music that makes u feel happy
  177. Could I use these scales?
  178. changing scales?? clueless
  179. Analyze a song!?!?
  180. Another chord sequence question...
  181. What scale should I use?
  182. How can I play this chord?
  183. Theory behind this chord progression
  184. connecting chords
  185. Another chord progression question
  186. Medieval like music!
  187. B minor over F and E?
  188. Crystal Plant sound
  189. Characteristic Vamps
  190. This is something everybody here should most definitely see.
  191. Help with a solo!
  192. How does this progression sound?
  193. chord scales- how do I know?
  194. avoid notes in jazz harmony
  195. Guitar Center Sessions: Joe Satriani - Q&A (youtube)
  196. Chord Progressions
  197. Using a diminished chord
  198. Considering harmony for Exotic chords
  199. Chord question:
  200. Difference between 7susb9, b9sus
  201. Chords with a capo
  202. What do you think of this song?
  203. Need guidance please...
  204. Need help with a song!!
  205. What makes one chord move to the other?
  206. Mystery arpeggios
  207. Strange key
  208. Need to get better at intervals and ear training!
  209. Traditional Scale Patern
  210. Tension and Release
  211. Ted Dunbar Books
  212. Harmonizing A Melody - Harmony
  213. Here's the idea:Song Analysis Thread
  214. best theory book
  215. What mode/scale should I use?
  216. Help! Understanding this guitar lick
  217. Gankino horo.
  218. I need help writing songs!
  219. Chord question?
  220. Anyway to get better at reading rhythms/counting?
  221. First guitar solo!
  222. Intergrating Jazz Theory into Blues
  223. a little help about modes...
  224. Rock intervals!
  225. Eric Clapton
  226. Intervals and notes frequencies
  227. arpeggio madness
  228. What's going on here?
  229. A question about theory lingo
  230. Got a problem
  231. How can you tell the difference of major or minor in music
  232. Quintuplets and triplets!
  233. What Is Arabic/Indian Sound
  234. Preferred expression of minor scales
  235. Haven't met you yet.
  236. How to count this bar?
  237. Just found this --
  238. Ear training: how to stop using song associations for interval recognition
  239. Introductions
  240. Starting Over
  241. Diminished third issue?
  242. Swing Question
  243. "IV7" question
  244. Scales - major minor melodic & harmonic
  245. I cant figure this out!
  246. Ultimate Guitar Techniques: Soloing with Modes
  247. Dissonance
  248. Harmonizing Help - notes in A Minor
  249. Do I use the modes in the right way? (midi)
  250. Need feedback for my embeddable printable staff paper app.