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Fixing Mistakes and Improving Problem Areas
David Carr

Part 1: Location, Isolation and Repetition - the first in a series of articles in which David addresses common problem areas in one's playing and offers strategic advice to ensure you keep on improving.


Open your Mind
Sven Stichter

Stealing from other guitarists, "reflex-licks'n'riffs", "chromatic swirls"? Sven reincarnates a trio of previously written articles and adds a touch of 'the force'. Read you must.


Plans Are NOT Goals
Tom Hess

Most students don't really have any true goals. The problem is, they confuse plans with goals. In their mind, these two ideas are interchangeable, having the same meaning ...


How To Nail A Solo
Jamie Andreas

So you want to learn a real live rock solo? You've got the tab off the internet. Now what? In this article, Jamie explores the various procedures and techniques necessary in order to come to grips with a solo.


Recording and Releasing Your Own CD
Chris Juergensen

Times are perfect for releasing your own CD and this article will give you some ideas on how to record it and what kind of investment it will take.


Guitar related
Most of you are totally out of balance?
Tom Hess

Most players are way out of balance and are being held back on a daily basis. Many people are seduced by their strengths and ignore their weaknesses, concentrating on making only the strong areas stronger.


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