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How You Can Help this Site

There are several ways you can help this site achieve its mission - each of them is equally valuable and equally appreciated by us and the rest of our members. As always, if you have other ideas, please let us know.

Give Us Feedback
Constructive feedback helps us make this a better site. Tell us what you like / dislike and why - we've already taken many ideas from our members and used them to change the site dramatically. It will cost you nothing, but will mean a lot to all of our members. Please email comments to or express them in the "Site suggestions & Feedback" forum.

Furthermore, we and our authors appreciate any constructive feedback on the articles. Every article comes with a 'Rate Article' function which allows you to give feedback directly to the author.

Submitting Materials
First, please get familiar with the site and the content we already have. If you'd like to submit an article you feel will add to the value and quality of the site, we'd really like to hear from you. Just PM or email Guni with a brief outline of what you have in mind and we'll explain the article submission process.

Spread the Word!
Please let others know about iBreatheMusic.com (online and offline). Link to iBreatheMusic from your own webpage. We've put together a "link-to-us page" which has various buttons and banners in different sizes which are easy to implement. Please let us know if you decide to help out in this way - it will be much appreciated of course.

If you also participate in other forums or if you stumble accross a site that might be interested in what we offer - please let 'em know - tell 'em all - spread the word !!!

Buying Online from Other Sites
iBreathemusic.com has an arrangement with Amazon and Sheetmusicplus whereby they pay us a small commission on every purchase made on their site by people who arrive via iBreatheMusic (say, by following a link from our reviews section). So next time you plan to buy something online, please start your shopping by clicking on one of these links below (they have the referrer information included in the links):

www.amazon.com - US Site
www.amazon.co.uk - UK Site
www.amazon.de - DE Site

Contributing through PayPal
This site is free, but some of our regulars may prefer to occassionally make small donations to the iBreatheMusic Mission Fund as their way of helping out. While iBreathemusic.com and its crew will use any donations solely for the purpose of defraying the site's operational costs (i.e. upgrading and acquiring equipment, hosting, additional bandwidth, software licenses and services needed to operate iBreathemusic.com), any and all financial donations are only accepted unconditionally. Please follow this button to be directed to the paypal site:
Please Note: Payments are received via a Plan C account. Paypal is the facilitator in the transaction and will provide the only means of receipt notification.